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1LUTAI Fiber cement board is a stable performance and light weight building &decoration board used cement as major and natural reinforced, with the process of pulping,emulsion,forming,pressurization,autoclaving,

drying and surface treatment.

Thickness : 4.5mm-30mm

Size :1200*2400mm, 1220*2440mm,  any size that u need .

Surface : 40#-120# sanding surface , polished surface , tapered edge .

2Product characteristics :

Density : 1.2-1.5G/CM3

Fire-proof  Rate : A-Class incombustible (GB8624-1997)

Incombustibility(min): 240 minutes (GB/T9978-1999)

Water content : 30%         Swelling ratio: 0.4%

Anti-bending Strength: 16MPA Frost resistance : Don’t appear cracking and delamination after 25 cycles of freezing and thawing . (GB/T7019-1997)

Radioactivity: standard of GB6566-2001 (A-class Decoration Materials)3,Recommed application:

Partition board , exterior wall cladding , panel, suspended ceilings ,lightweight grouting panel, interior dry wall decoration board ,interior wall after painting and coating .

Q:i am building an outdoor BBQ island and i live in an area that snow will fall for a couple of months. i have been researching cement backer board and i cant find any recommendations on snow fall and what type of tyle is best for this application. dont want to make this investment untill i know what i am getting into. any suggestions
I built a tile inlay on my deck for my grills. It's held up through 3 Wisconsin winters so far. I used pressure treated plywood for a base, then installed Durock over the plywood. Use Flexbond thinset for adhering the tiles. My neighbor owns a flooring store, and he set me up with an epoxy grout. You have to work it quickly to avoid a mess, but it's very durable. Hope this helps. EDIT: I would recommend using the plywood to give the Durock additional support. If you can enlarge the opening enough to wrap the Durock around the edge, you should be good. The tile and Durock should provide enough protection to keep the plywood from burning. If that will be an issue, you can screw some pressure treated 2x4's along the length of the metal frame, spaced every 16 or so, and then screw the Durock to that. This will give the top support so it won't deflect under the weight of the tile and snow, and keep the tile from popping. Good luck.
Q:can i put ceramic tile on laun board in kitchen and will it stick ok?
It ll stick for awhile but won t last. The total substrate thickness won t support tile. There will be to much deflection and the bond between the tile and luan will come loose from movement. You need a minimum of 1 1/4 total flooring to support tile. Most cases this is 3/4 sub floor and a 1/2 of a cement board or special plywood , properly installed. This come from both the TCA and ATC tile guide hand books. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:can a double drywall wall be replaced with cement board or backer board?
One layer can be replaced with a cement board and still be fire rated in most all areas. Using just one layer you can still be flush and use an SBN (surface bull nose) to trim it out. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:I'm pulling up the linoleum and replacing it with ceramic tile, 12x12. it's a small bathroom, on the 2nd floor.Under the linoleum is wood. Do i need to lie down cement board before I put the mortar mix down? Or will it be fine to put tiles on the mortar mix on the wood?
You should have a backer of some type. There are a number of options available now so the choice is yours and dependant on the circumstances of your project regarding which one would be best. While many people do install tile directly over a wood sub floor that does not make it right. Tile has considerable permanence. It is somewhat involved to properly install and difficult to remove if the installation is not done correctly. The final outcome of a tile installation, like so many other projects depends largely on the preparation. So many people skip many of the necessary early steps that really do not cost that much extra but make a huge difference on the outcome. Use a backer system. G. Borders Home Repair, Improvement, & Handyman Service Plano Home Repair
Q:911 polyurethane brush in the cement board is what is the bubble
With a fine sandpaper to the bubble at the light of the sand flat, and then dry cloth dry, and then make up the same polyurethane paint. Sometimes fill the paint at the larger color, it must also be the whole face all brush again. Prevention of two-component paint blistering approach: the other two-component paint is also strictly in accordance with the provisions of the factory construction.
Q:Production of fiber cement board copy method has what characteristics
Applicable to thin slurry. Round net paste from the beginning of the paste to the cloth, the formation of several small stacks of material, from the fur continuous winding to the forming cylinder, the small material layer pressure uniform, slab internal structure dense, smooth appearance.
Q:I have laid ed cement board down but I did not stagnate the boards.Will this affect the ceramic tile.?
it's not as stable a surface as if you did stagger the joints. the tiles could buckle or lift near the long joint. if you can do it simply, re do the cement board now, it's easier than later.
Q:hi my daughters room has cement sheeting (panels) that make up her walls and roof and it looks really bad. I can see the joining lines even though its been painted over - do i have to remove all the walls and have the walls re plastered? is there any handy hits to fix this up? not sure you could putty up the lines and sand back as the boards currently up have big grooves - i did think about wood paneling around the room but you would still have the roof issue and the board lines above the panels - looking for a cost effective solution. Thanks heaps
Try papering with a heavily embosses paper. This will hide any cracks and lines. Use a different pattern for the ceiling.
Q:Factory roof directly painted on the cement board directly spray the white again
Do not require a full cover, and so spray the paint does not stick and then spray. Several spray can be completely covered.
Q:What do I do
it may be broke

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