Fiber Cement Board

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1,Structure of (Cement Boards) Description

From 6mm Fiber Cement Board to 24mm presents the art of Germany know-how as a high quality building material.

6mm Fiber Cement Board to 24mm and sandwich panel contains inorganic raw materials such as cement, silica powder and reinforced cellulose fiber as the main materials. All SIGMA boards are autoclaved to become stable product. Fiber Cement Board does not contain any of asbestos fiber, however, it has strong bending strength like those with asbestos.Fiber Cement Board can be applied not only for the interior use but also for the outdoor wall system. It has low water absorption rate and high impact resistant ability. These good advantages make it suitable for any purposes of applications.


2,Main Features of the (Cement Boards)

·100% Non-asbestos
·Density: 1250 to 1500 kg/m3 (+ - 5%)
·Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.11 kcal/m.hroC
·Bending Strength: over 180 kgf/cm2
·Linear expansion rate: 0.1%
·Water absorption rate: 35%
·Water penetration rate: 0%
·Water content: 8%
·Incombustibility according to CNS 6532 and BS 476

3,(Cement Boards) Images

Fiber Cement Board


4,(Cement Boards) Specification


Fiber Cement Board 

5,FAQ of (Cement Boards

1.Hold by Wooden Pallet

2.Covered by PVC and Bonded with plastic belt

3.Fasten around the corners

4.Mounted in container to protect your purchasing


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Q:What is the difference between building curtain wall and architectural facade decoration?
Building curtain wall is part of the building exterior decoration part of the building exterior wall decoration is divided into a variety of brush paint the outer wall, tile inlaid facade, facade curtain wall and other curtain wall is generally fixed on the wall support frame keel, and then hanging outside the keel Panel (panel general material for the glass, aluminum, slate, ceramic plate, etc.)
Q:I need to know which is better cement backer board or floating cement on a raised kitchen floor?
I would say backer board. If planned on doing marble or granite floors that is when you would use cement. Also they will end up charging you more if you do floating cement, make sure to read through your estimates thoroughly before agreeing to anything. Hope that helps!
Q:Tiling a Bathroom floor, stick to cement or install cement backer board?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Tiling a Bathroom floor, stick to cement or install cement backer board? Hello, my husband and myself are remodeling our's the question... we removed hideous vinyle tiles and underneath is the cement floor with thin layer of black adhesive from the tiles....the floor is pretty sound except for a small crack in cement by the entry door.... should we...
Q:What is the average price for hardieplank(cement board) installation?
Anywhere from $10 to $15 per square foot depending upon how cut up it is. Large walls with not many cuts - $10. Small expanses with lots of angles and cutting - $15 of more if really complex. This includes the hardie product, the water proofing and the fasteners.
Q:should I use cement board or a leveling compound for my tile flooring?
On a wood floor use the backer board, on concrete use a leveling compound unless a 1/2 notched trowel can fill the gap with your thinset.
Q:can you use cement board as a subfloor?
No, it will not with any consistency. What you need to use is 3/8 partical board over your 3/4 plywood. You can find partical board in 1/4 but it is expensive and hard to find. This is typically used as a substrate material for all lino/vinyl tiles. As long as the partical board is clean and free of loose dirt, the self-stick tiles will work fine.
Q:Covered Porch Floor Replacement?
layer of sealed tarpaper [roofing tar in overlapped joints] + layer of pressure treated plywood on top fpr strength. i have old chipboard with sealed tarpaper over it + outdoor rug on my deck for 15 years. rug keeps wearing out only
Q:So, when putting tiles inside, you use thinset and cement board under the tiles. What to do when outside?
Use sand and cement mix with water proof-er in it and use the same to grout.If you want to grout the tiles a different color mix a cement dye in the cement you are using as a grout.
Q:What is stronger six cement blocks stacked high or a board that is 6 feet long and 6 by 6?
are the cement blocks stacked without mortar? are the cement blocks loaded in bending or compression? is the board loaded in bending or compression? What is the criterion of failure? cracking or breaking? Not a fair comparison with out some explanation.
Q:Performance of fiber cement pressure plate
1, fire insulation: non-flammable A1 level, does not produce toxic gases; low conductivity 2, waterproof and moisture: not afraid of water, not afraid of wet, more suitable for bathroom, swimming pool, underground passage and so on. 3, anti-corrosion pest control: high corrosion resistance, no rust, not afraid of mosquito bites bite

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