Hardiebacker Cement Board

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What does the glass wire add to the cement?
The effect of adding glass cement can not only improve the alkali resistance of glass fiber, but also reduce the erosion of glass fiber. It is an early strength, high strength, low alkali, impermeability, corrosion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, Micro-expansion and contraction, negative temperature construction, coloring and other properties in one, can inhibit the alkali - aggregate reaction of the 21st century new cement. After testing and calculation, the durability of alkali glass fiber in the composite of Portland cement is one year, and the composite alkali-resistant fiberglass fiber is 17 years. The glass fiber cement is 52 years, and the composite alkali-resistant glass fiber is 155 years.
FC fiber cement plate can be affixed to the aluminum plate?
FC fiber cement pressure plate can be affixed with aluminum-plastic plate, but use glass adhesive paste.
How to open the cement board
Punch with a drill or a core. 1), small points of the hole, less than 30mm use the impact drill, see how much you play the hole, there are large and small impact drill, there are different diameter drill. 2), relatively large 50mm or so to use the core machine, according to the size of a variety of sizes and depth of the core machine.
I need to raise a bathroom floor about 3/4 inch. I have already poured a thin layer of self leveling concrete over what appeared to be some sort of concrete floor that had some uneven areas (60 year old house). I have read about how you are not supposed to put backer board on concrete because you can't secure it. My question is this: could you lay the backer board on top of the SLC, leave some small gaps between the boards, and then pour another layer of SLC on top of the backer board, thereby cementing it into place??
I d rather see you pore a SLC to the depth you need it.. Some compounds you can pore to the depth of 1 in 1 pore and some you need to do in 2 pores. Now if you need to do a full 3/4 depth you can do a tile mud bed , but this is a little challenging for a 1 st time. If you have some good DIY skills then you can probably do it. Just going over slab requires a few different steps when doing a mud bed over slab. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Just put cement type 1 portland,over hardie board about 3/8 of an in. how long do i have to wait to stain it?
i would give it a week, it should set pretty quick...
Tile seems to be an expensive options. Want a finished look for less than tile
Concrete/Masonry paint. You can get it from the hardware/megaDIY store for around $20 per gallon. I think it comes in a couple different colors.
60 thick foam cement board Ⅱ how much noise
Product density is light, the volume of dry, the density of about 250kg / cubic, the board through the National Testing Center 1.5 million times the anti-fatigue vibration test, the board and the steel structure as a whole, can reach 9 earthquake.
i have an old cement wall house, i have tar paper on the outer walls and plan on putting 1 or 1 1/2 thick ridge insulation on the walls. These are above grade walls not basement.My question is do i have to vapor barrier the walls or just tape the seams of the foam insulation.thanks in advance
If you already have tar paper (roofing felt, I presume), thats a vapor barrier. You don't need another. You can caulk the joints between the boards if you'd like.