Non-asbestos Waterproof Fireproof Fiber Cement Board

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Item specifice:

Thickness: 4mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,10mm,12mm,etc,5mm Wildth: 1220x2440mm Fonction: Fireproof Board Ceiling,Soundproof Ceiling,Normal Ceiling,Heat Insulation Ceiling,Moisture-Proof Ceiling,Mould-Proof Ceiling,Waterproof Ceiling
Color: Gray Application: Office,Hotel,Household,Dust Free Room,Public Certification: SGS
Shape: Rectangle Material: Cement

Product Description:

Product Description
Fiber cement board is a new architechural and industrial board with cement, quartz, matural and selected minerals as main materials. The board was made through high temperature and high precessure maintenance and other special treatments. It is the first choice for lasting building materials in some developed countries as well as being increasingly applied in more countries.


1220x2440x4-20mm, Max width: 1220mm, Max length: 3000mm
Other optional specification available
Optional sanding finishing on the surface


1. 100% Asbestos Free
2. Fire Resistance
3. Earthquake Resistance
4. High Strength and Good Stability
5. Inorganic Material and Anti Fungus
6. Good Heat and Sound Insulation
7. Durability and Long Service Life


Typical Applications
Commercial mansion, Industrial building, Hotel, Hospital, Theater, Station, Factory, Warehouse, etc.


1. Is OEM available?
Re: Yes, OEM service is available.
2. Are you factory?
Re: Yes. we are the largest factory in China.
3. Can we get sample?
Re: Yes, sample is free for our customer.
4. How many days for production
Re: usually 2 weeks after receiving of downpayment



Non-asbestos Waterproof Fireproof Fiber Cement Board

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Q:We have an older house (1957) that has 1 thick beams as a substrate floor. Currently, there is 1/2 plywood on top of the substrate floor. We are going to rip this up so that we can apply mortar to the substrate for leveling purposes. We would put the porcelain tile directly on top of the cement board.The guy at Home Depot (a former contractor) said we can just use 1/2 cement board directly on top of the substrate floor without a layer of plywood underneath. The substrate is old, but sturdy real-wood diagonal beams that lay on top of the joists. He said they are plenty strong and we don't really need to add a plywood subfloor if we use 1/2 thick cement board.What do you think? Do you think we could get away will laying down cement board on top of the substrate floor without plywood for added strength?Thanks!
To meet the structural requirements for a sub-floor, you will probably need 3/4 T&G plywood or OSB. Chip-Board is a non-structural material meant for shelves and cheap cabinets, and is not water resistant at all. I am not aware of any concrete sub-floor products currently on the market (some are being developed for commercial & multifamily construction - as a means of fire resistance -but I don't think they are available at this time). The current offerings by James Hardy & Sons, Durock (USG) and Wonder-Board are not sub-floors, they are underlayment materials, and should be treated as such. (Install & use them only as the Manufacturer's Installation Instructions indicate.) I prefer the USG product, but that's only my opinion; using any one of these products as an underlayment is far superior to plywood - NEVER use Luan plywood as a ceramic tile underlayment, it is not suited for wet or damp locations and does not bond well with the thin-set cement. The best bet is a quality installation of the plumbing (especially the tub or shower base) and then good maintenance (like caulking, keeping tile and floor grout in good repair. etc.). I suggest any of the cement-board underlayments available, just be sure you ask for the Manufacturer's WRITTEN instructions wherever you purchase the product, then follow them exactly. **************************************..... DO NOT use treated plywood without consulting the manufacturer of the treatment chemical used on the product; most are pretty toxic and need to have contact with outside air until all out-gassing of the chemical has stopped.
Q:Why does the fire burn on the cement board for a long time?
Cement is a bad bad conductor, prolonged heating will be uneven due to uneven heating caused by uneven expansion, eventually leading to explosion
Q:Do not you dry the stone
Yes, as long as the cement surface to ensure the smoothness of the surface roughness and verticality can be directly sprayed.
Q:hi, this is my question:To prevent a cement mixer sinking into soft ground, the mixer is placed on a large flat board. Why does this prevent the mixer sinking?the answer will be one of these, which one is it?A The large area decreases the pressure on the ground.B The large area increases the pressure on the ground.C The large area decreases the weight on the ground. D The large area increases the weight on the ground.
The answer is A
Q:I would like to make my exterior walls more resistant against water and termites, so I would like to put cement boards instead of plywood boards before installing new vinyl siding. It costs a bit more but I think it would be worth it.
It would cost double the amount of plywood .The nails won t hold good in just the cement board.When nailing into the cement board you may pound through the cement board if there is no wood support under it, but other than that there is no reason you couldn t. In other words I wouldn t suggest it. GL
Q:How does the cement pressure plate interface
The corners of a corner, such as the four corners of a square room
Q:Yesterday I started a job at a warehouse store. This store, being a warehouse has cement floors. I have a pair of walking shoes I wear with added inserts for more comfort, but after my shift yesterday, I could barely walk because of the pain in my hips, knees, foot/leg joint, and my ankles. I know that arthritis runs in my family, and that other family members have had problems when dealing with cement floors. I'm only 23, but I know arthritis can start that young (I also know my knees are total crap because of sports). So my question is, could this pain be from walking on the cement floors all day, or is this just random? I never had this happen this bad before, and have never had to be on cement floors that long either.
Ya, walking on a hard surface and also standing on it full day will put a lot of stress on the legs and also it causes the muscles to cramp. It can be due to the overuse of the knees or as you say your family members have Arthritis that can also be the reason.
Q:I have an existing hardwood floor that I want to tile over (it's not in good condition). Can I put cement board then tile directly onto the hardwoods or do I need plywood on the hardwoods then cement board then tile? I don't want the floors to be 2 thick in addition to the hardwoods.
Can you explain better? What do you mean when you say the hardwood is not in good condition? Uneven?Decaying?Quick answer if the hardwood is either, youre better off taking it out and starting with a good base.
Q:The floor is on a raised foundation and we were told that there are 2 options: float it on thin set or use a concrete back board. Is there any perference to one over the other? I don't want the tile to crack.
Float it on thin set. Concrete board is used for countertops, showers, tubs, e.t.c. The tile should be just fine if the house is built according to code. If you find spots that flex or move or squick when you step on them, you should fix these spots first. Good luck!!!
Q:I can jump atleast 4 or 5 inches on a rug,grass, mud, sand. but i cant on cement when i ollie on cement my board like slips away after i pop and on everything else it doesnt. help?
Just keep on practicing. I have friends that are really good at skateboarding and practice is the best things there is

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