• Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board System 1
  • Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board System 2
  • Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board System 3
  • Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board System 4
Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board

Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board

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Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board


Fiber cement board, using high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content,was made with forming by advanced technique & technological process & through high temperature & high pressure maintenance & special treatment.

Fiber cement board, using high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content,was made with forming by advanced technique & technological process & through high temperature & high pressure maintenance & special treatment.





Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board


Sound and Weather Resistant:

Karmeen fiber cement boards deliver optimal sound and weather insulation. Noise as well as changing weather conditions such as freeze / thaw, heat and water pose no threat to fiber cement board. The boards retain their shape at all times.

Low Maintenance:

The ability of the boards to resist mold and algae attacks is equally impressive. The result is a long-lived façade that saves you time and effort on inconvenient and costly repairs and repaints. 


The boards are non-combustible, which is your guarantee for a safe building.

Easy Handling:

Karmeen fiber cement boards are flexible and easy to handle. They can be delivered cut to size, ready for installation. All this makes for lower construction costs, shorter construction times, and lower installed costs. 


Board Edge:

Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board 



Packaging Details:
Fumigation wooden pallets+PE cover + corner protector

Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board


Non-asbestos Fireproof 12 mm Fiber Cement Board


Q:it'll probably be another week of them grinding the cement floor and cutting wood boards inside the house until all the wood is installed. there is wood and cement dust EVERYWHERE, and a lot of the downstairs is still just cement and the dust is on that too, so vaccuming/sweeping it isn't really an option, plus the fact that our furniture from the living room which they're laying the wood in now is all in the familyroom and kitchen and can't be moved to sweep underneath. there is a thick layer of dust on EVERYTHING, and we're also coughing from it. is there anything i can do to get rid of this dust without disturbing it with a duster? is there some sort of stuff i can spray that will dissolve the dust?
DONT DUST... the cement dust will scratch the surfaces of everything!!! it's abrasive. call a cleaning contractor. rennaissance man misses an important point... if you are using a vacuum you MUST have the vacuum venting it's exhaust to the outside.
Q:Can the cement board cut off the wall directly
Is not, even if the brush on the long time is to fall off, unless the picture is hydrophilic, it is a kind of hydraulic map, otherwise it is not enough.
Q:why does concrete block crumble but driveways and sidewalk do not?I don't have a driveway so basically i want to build a flat portable surface, made out of cement that my jack-stand (for my car) can stand on so the jack-stand wont have to be put directly in the grass.I would need it for the time that i need to take the tires off. any suggestion?
Get a couple pieces of 3/4 plywood about 15 to 18 inches square and tack them together or a 2x10 or 2x12 board about 15 long for a jack base. That will support the weight of any car. If you use a cement slab it will be quite heavy, and also it might break. P.S. Please take a moment to award a Best Answer to one of those who answers your question. Not necessarily mine, but one of those who took their time to try to help.
Q:Is there a easy method to apply hydraulic water stop cement to the area where the wall meets the floor without making a mess. Thank you very much
if i were doing where the wall meets the floor i would mix up handfuls and role it into ropes and pack it into the angle with a board end...
Q:Is a vapor barrier needed behind cement board in a shower?
Vapor barrier isn't needed in a shower unless it's on an exterior wall. The concrete board is enough for interior walls. Good Luck
Q:What are the prospects for the development of wood fiber cement board?
Advantages: mixed with Portland cement, wood and non-toxic chemical additives, high pressure made of high-quality multi-purpose building materials. Combined with two main materials: the advantages of cement and wood, VIVA wood fiber cement board as light as the wood, with flexibility, good insulation properties, construction convenience; such as cement-like solid, fire, moisture, mold, anti-ants, show Other plates do not have the uniqueness.
Q:when installing cement boards on my bathroom walls is it ok to screw them on directly?
Yes, you can screw them directly to the wall studs. That is the only way that they will have the proper support.
Q:What is the waterproof material for the bathroom wall?
Bathroom cut off the material three, tempered glass Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. In fact, the use of chemical or physical methods, the formation of compressive stress on the glass surface, the glass bear the external force when the first to offset the surface stress, thereby enhancing the carrying capacity, enhance the glass self-resistance Wind pressure, cold and heat, impact and so on. Flat steel, curved glass is a safety glass. Widely used in high-rise building doors and windows, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator channel, furniture, glass fence and so on.
Q:Can I just paint a stone on a cemented fiberboard?
These two are good decorative plate, its hardness, fire, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, weather resistance are better, are the first choice of real stone base material, these two are suitable for spraying real stone paint. You need to consider their own use, and the cost of local products, do the choice!
Q:I'm redoing the deck in my back yard. I've discovered the possibility of using deck tiles (wood slats, or slate, etc.) but not until after I ripped up the existing boards. There is a cement slab under my current deck. Could I just install the deck tiles on that, or would there have to be some sort of drainage system underneath? Thanks for the help!
put them on the cement no drainage required

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