Non Asbesto Fiber Cement Board

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Sanle fiber cement board is made of high-grade cement and modified material, reinforced by natural fiber. Being processed by high pressure and high temperature advanced technologies, Sanle fiber cement board is a new building material with excellent performances.


Fire Proof & Insulation
Class A non-inflammability, no toxic gas, low in perveance, good electric insulation material

Waterproof and Moisture Proof
In semi-outdoor area and under high temperature condition, performance of Sanle boards is stable and will not bend or deform.

Thermal Insulation and Sound Insulation
Low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation, high in density, sound proof

Light weight & High strength
Pressured by 5000-ton hydraulic machine, it is high in strength and light in weight. It is not easy to deform and bend, and good for flooring and roofing.

Easy installation
The installation of boards is dry operation, which is faster. It can be processed with ordinary wood working tool. The board is easy to be processed.

Economical and Good looking
The boards are light in weight. Together with the use of keels, they can save cost of construction and decoration. The painting is uniform, and the surface is smooth, making the exterior of buildings good-looking and attractive.

Safe and Harmless
Test result of Sanle boards is better than national radiation protection standards of building materials. The radiation from Sanle boards is equal to that from the lawn 20 meters away from the building. The lifespan of Sanle boards is very long, and they are resistant to acid and alkali, moisture and insects. The toughness and strength remains the same when time passes by. So they can be used for a long time.

Easy to install and easy to replace
Sanle boards can be drilled, cut, engraved, nailed, painted and covered by tiles or sticker when necessary..

Product parameters




Medium density

High density





Water absorption





GB 8624-2006, grade A

wet expansion



Beding strength



Strength grade class III


Strength grade class IV


Saturation with water




Exterior side boards, indoor partition walls, sound-proof ceiling, decoration boards, complex walls, outdoor billboards, division boards and floor boards

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Q:Can I put walls tile in my entire bathroom that is made with cement boards?
The walls may not be able to hold that much weight.
Q:How does the cement pressure plate hang on the old wall with paint?
Must first brush on the interface agent, and then scraping again with gypsum, and then scraping putty. Cement pressure plate scraping putty is not very good.
Q:Home improvement wall is made of light steel keel + gypsum board, light steel keel + cement pressure plate is good or red brick light weight brick good?
Encountered this situation we generally use double gypsum board on the line, there is a cement to do the hollow board is also good, that is not easy to sell! The
Q:Really stone paint the external walls, with ordinary cement board how to deal with the base, what materials to do
External walls are generally used to deal with putty, specifically including the following steps (the above content are from the general source of paint official website related information):
Q:Can cement board be tiled?
No need, Directly on the cement board tiling, If the cement board too light can be polished nap
Q:Is there an easier way of cutting Wonder Board (cement board)?
There is no easy way to cut cement board. It's just messy, I just bite the bullet and cut it with a masonary blade in a skill saw (I use my near death saws for that kind of work) that concrete dust is bad (were a mask). If your duing long rips, have a helper with a vaccum or compressor, suck or blow a clear line of site. That suck or blow comment will raise eyebrows. just leave it alone.
Q:Cement fiber wall hanging board PVC wall hanging board which is good?
See the specific situation, cement fiber wall hanging board (should not use asbestos fiber pollution) fire effect is good but high strength. The PVC wall hanging board is not fire, but beautiful, light.
Q:Can you tile over painted wallboard or do you always need to use cement backer board?
Over cement board, use thinset to bond the tile. Over painted drywall, use mastic for tile bonding. First, clean and sand the painted drywall to promote tile adhesion.
Q:For bathtub enclosures what backing is required sheetrock or cementatious board?
green board sheetrock ok. would be much better off with the cement board. install vapor barrier behind cement board.
Q:breaking cement blocks?
condition the edge of the hand on an anvil for at least a year, then start with patio blocks. Blocks must be dry, new, and not painted.

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