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I think I have termites outside on my shield. I sprayed that terminix on the shield but now there are some holes that I want to cover up and since I had extra durock cement board I put it up to help keep any water or anything from going in. Is this a good idea and will the cement board be ok in the weather of the San Jose ca area.
It isn't the termites you see that matter, it is the many more that remain hidden. Get a proper inspection before making any changes.
What is the easiest way to hang cement board in a bathroom which will be tiled?
There are blue screws that are made just for the job. You can get at any home store. They come with a square bit and use a elertic drill because a cord less just does not have the power.
I'm preparing to replace the tiles in my foyer. It's a townhouse, about 20 years old with no basement. I don't know much in the way of construction, but since it's on ground level I think there might just be a cement slab underneath the existing tile. Can I install the tiles directly over the cement slab after removing the old tile or do I need a backer board? And if I do, how do I account for the height difference? Thanks in advance!
Yes you can install Directly on the concrete Floor you don't need any Cement Backer Board
I had to make some necessary repairs behind the wonderboard and I ended up making 6x6 inches holes through the cement board. I have repair sheetrock in the past but this cement board looks difficult to repair. I have googled online on how to do the repairs but I could not find much. Thank you in advance for all who will answer.
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In NYS..what is the legal number of hours that a cement(concrete)driver can drive his truck & how many in between shifts?
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Anyone that can supply UAE - Middle East, preferrably from the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
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I removed old tile from my bathroom walls as well as the old vinyl flooring. Underneath the vinyl was cement backerboard, which is good. But all around the outer edges where the wall tile used to be, is a 1 inch gap where the floor board are showing. How do I get this gap filled? Do I need to rip up the old cement backerboard and start over? Can I cut small strips of new backerboard to slip in the crevice? Is there a compound I can fill the gap with? Any help out there?
If you have the backer board yes you can rip it and put it in. If you do not you can use some of the thinset you (should use) are going to put the tiles down with. Just mix it a little more dry than it calls for (not too dry) and fill this area in and let it dry for a day. Then go back and tile away. The only reason I am not telling you to go out and buy another product is that if it is along the wall edges and it is only an inch its a waste of time and money, you will be fine.
Bought new ceramic tile for kitchen and the old stuff is hard to get up. I want to keep the cement board that is in there for the new stuff.
It's next to impossible to remove Ceramic with out damaging the cement board. Esp. if the tile was installed properly to begin with. Tile is installed with a thin-set type mortar when using a Cement backer. If installed over plywood they would have used a ceramic Mastic [glue] That can be removed much easier. You can however lay the new tile over the old, but this will raise the level of the floor, not a good idea when in the Kitchen.