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I know the basics - clear cut the trees, put explosives in the mountains, blow the mountain up, separate coal from waste, fill up valleys and then plant some grass. What I want to know if more about the machinery used - some sites talk about a quot;dragline,quot; but don't have any more info than quot;it is used in MTRquot; What kind of explosives are used? How do they gather/separate the coal from the mining waste?
Draglines okorder /
Plural form of machine is machines or machinery?
How to choose mechanical parts material ah?
The performance of the various materials should be very familiar, and then consult the manual to see what general use in the area.
I need to consult prices of aluminum rim machinery. I mean to manufacture aluminum rim and also aluminum disc to manufacture casses
Sorry, no idea.
electric digram for desel generator wih 105 kva
Call or write to the manufacturer.
I need it!!
try okorder /
Or do I have to claim my business as a medium size cooperation?
No, but many employers wait till the day before payday to report them, or so I heard. Two free weeks of work and the old, Gee, I didn't realize...
I am making a hypothetical business for school and have decided to create a business that makes whey protein powder from the whey left over from the making cheese. I have searched all over the net but I cant find any information on the machinery used in this process. Can anyone help