Extrusion Equipment---Two-Stage Vacuum Hard Plastic Extruder(Multiple models)

Xi'an Research and Design Institute of Wall & Roof Materials Co,.Ltd.
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Product Description:

Allowable PressureMPa):4.0

Degree of Vacuum (MPa)-0.092

Production Capacityblock/h):13000~55000

Product description:

These products include two-stage vacuum hard plastic extruder, two-stage vacuum semi-hard plastic extruder, soft plastic extruder, etc. This type of equipment has good structural rigidity, The screw conveyer and reamer are made of high chromium alloy, its wear resistance is good; At the same time, it has high output and low consumption, high extrusion pressure, and can be used to make single, double, and four-column, which can effectively improve the wet strength of the product and ensure that the raw materials and water are evenly mixed. These products are suitable for producing sintered solid bricks, porous bricks, hollow bricks, thermal insulation blocks and other sintered products from raw materials such as clay, coal gangue, fly ash, shale, tailings, silt, slag, and clay.

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