Crusher Equipment---High-Speed Roller Crusher(Multiple models)

Xi'an Research and Design Institute of Wall & Roof Materials Co,.Ltd.
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Product Description:

Feed Particle Sizemm):50

Discharge Particle Sizemm):0.5~5

Production Capacityt/h):30~100

Product description:

These products include jaw crusher, hammer crusher, double-shaft hammer crusher, no screen bottom hammer crusher, high-speed roller crusher, etc., this type of equipment can finely shred the raw materials, with stable operation, low maintenance cost, large crushing ratio, high output, low energy consumption, low noise, less dust, and very good particle gradation. The product can be widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, sand aggregate, clay, coal gangue, hard shale, and other raw materials. At the same time, it can crush soft and tough materials such as clothing, branches, wood, film, plastic barrels, electronic waste, and medical waste into small pieces for recycling. (customizable)

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He is totally correct, but it's a bit more involved then that. If you can 'line-up' the rpm of the engine EXACTLY with the rpm of the tranny, you can slide into gear without using any clutch. I drove semi after awhile, you can 'hear' the engine rpm it is possible to slide out from one gear into neutral, then left the rpm drop slide into the next gear. Takes time practice, but it can be done. It involves how the teeth inside the box are cut is certainly nothing you can do in a hurry.
Q:Mine's quot;Ball Crusherquot;
Tough one...I would have to say Wild Child or Blind In Texas
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Q:we are a foreign trade corporation from we are looking for crushers in china.we have learned some information about it,but not insure that we can order the product with good capability and competitive price that we should know what crusher manufacturer are there from china.
at present,there are many crusher manufacturers in china.but just a short of them provide good service and high quality products.such as zhengzhou yifan,zhengzhou yifan is one of the best crusher factory in china.they have many technical experts in crushing and screening feild.
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Junkyard crusher will be pretty effective.
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Pharmacies sell pill crushers. Or you can try a pill splitter to make the pills smaller.

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