CRUSHER SERIE - Vibrating Screen + Cone Crusher

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Product Description:

1.The plant is designed with ship-form structure made of steel and low chassis.It is light in weight.Owning to the reasonably designed body,its transportation turning radius is quite small with high maneuverability.
2.The vehicle control cabinet is equipped with high-tech LCD touch screen and PLC control system.LCD touch screen with human-machine dialogue function makes it process the functions of key start,misuse warning,protection,electrical control operations,fault and safe tips,which is convenient,high-efficient and secure.
3.The automatic-portable conveyor for return material make the installation of the whole plant quite easy.
4.Landing legs adopt hydraulic lift mode which is of convenient operation and reliable performance.

5.The mobile crushing&screening plant can be customized in design.It can be manufactured either crushing first or conversely. 

1.High capacity
2.High performance of secondary crushing
4.Integral crushing&screening
5.Belt conveyor self-loaded

Vibrating Screen + Cone Crusher

Technical Data//ModelY3S1848CS75Y3S1860CS160Y3S1860HP220Y3S2160HP220
Transportation size(mm)12000x2800x430013400x2820x435013400x2820x435013400x2820x4350
Tire ConfigurationDualaxialTriaxialTriaxialTriaxial
Cone CrusherCS75CS160HP220HP220
Discharging Belt ConveyorB800×6MB800×8MB800×8MB1000×8M
Vibrating Screen3YZS18483YZS18603YZS18603YZS1860
Electric controlstandardcontrol box + control panelcontrol box + control panelcontrol box + control panelcontrol box + control panel
OptionalControl box + LCDControl box + LCDControl box + LCDControl box + LCD
Hydraulic legstandard4444
Hydraulic cyclinerstandard0000
Genset(optional) (Kw)180320440

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