PP250SMHS cone crushing and screening plant

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Our Portable Crushing and Screening Plant is the first independently developed successfully, and exported to Russia in 2004.In the ensuing years ,the product are improved constantly with sophisticateddesign. In China Baoma Exhibition 2008, an appearance of mobile Jaw Crusher Plantcaused a huge sensation in the industry. And the mobile plant exhibited showingthe same day were signed to exported to Ecuadorian in America. From 2008 to2010, the impeccable mobile plant were exported to all around the world:Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Morocco,Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Indonesia,Nigeria, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Angola, Algeria, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, etc..

Meanwhile in 2012 ,according to the Chinesemarket,the YifansR & D team launched a mobile construction-waste recycling station,which were pinnacled on the peak inAugust 2012,through the recommendation and presentation of Science ChannelCCTV-10 CCTV .

1.we recommends special belt conveyor for PP900 instead of common belt conveyor in view of long
term earning、convenienceand automaticity. Consequently, labor cost is reduced and efficiency isenhanced. The special belt conveyor adopts ribbed style to increase transportangle and reduce the area. Meanwhile, the ribbed belt conveyor has strongabrasive resistance and long service life. In addition, if the project isfinished, PP900 can move to any other area to work independently.
2.Vehiclemountedcable is made of rubber copper and bound by protective casing. It is fixed onthe frame and has reasonable line to extend its service life.
3.The chassis tire is chinese famous brand,the factory is the professional manufacturer of semi-trailer axle and autoparts. So the axle has standard lighting unit and braking device. Reliableoperation.

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Q:Is it possible to install an interlocking device with lube oil and crusher driver?
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