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Drive to do a linear movement of the spiral, look at the net efficiency of the ball screw rod is relatively high, if the ball screw to make the counter revolution, is the nut with a one-way bearing vertical fixation, screw up and down reciprocating motion, so that you can do, if possible, wire rod length 40CM screw diameter, 8MM, vertical pressure 80N of the screw, choose the lead big nut can make the speed to 700 RPM in the under pressure?
This usage is really special. I have 3 years to lead screw sales have not encountered.
What kind of lubricant does nylon transmission use?
Nylon parts are generally used in low light load occasions, and then products require higher cleanliness, generally do not need lubrication;
The axial force of this drive eliminates the problem of how to do it! Thank you for the exam tomorrow
The axis III is under the action of gear 3, and its force direction is right. In order to counteract the force of the axis III, the worm gear 6 should be anticlockwise! The worm 5 and the rotation of the worm gear 6 also depend on the steering of the axle III.Therefore, to solve this problem, we must first determine the axis I steering, that is, bevel gear 1 steering.
When the coupling is linked, can the drive shaft be thinner than the motor shaft?
More consideration should be given to the load capacity of the transmission shaft (strength, rigidity, mechanical performance), and if the load is small and the shaft length is not long, the transmission shaft can be smaller than the motor shaft.
How to prevent the transmission shaft from breaking and falling off?
The dynamic unbalance of the drive shaft assembly goes beyond the standard specification.Deformation of transmission shaft, balance strip fall off, balance of bearing cap, asymmetry of gasket, etc..Loose or damaged bolt of transmission shaft.The assembly of the drive shaft is not proper and the edge 4 bolts are not tightened according to the specified torque; or a certain screw is slipping and the cross bearing is lack of slidingGrease and improper lubrication etc..
What are the functions of an automobile powertrain? What is the function of each part of it?
Composition and distribution of automobile transmission system:The composition and layout of the automobile powertrain vary with the type of engine, the location of the installation, and the use of the car. For example, off-road vehicles are mostly driven by four wheels, and in the transmission system, the actuators and other assemblies are added. As for the vehicle with front lead, there is no transmission shaft in its drive train.
What part of the transmission mechanism of the walking conveyor?
Reducer selection principle: (1) according to the mechanical strength to determine the reducer specifications. Deceleration rated power P1N device is in stable load, work every day is equal to or less than 10h per hour, 5 times to start, allowing the starting torque for the contact strength safety factor of two times, the torque of the gear, the single one-way operation is 1, the failure probability is less than or equal to 1% is determined. When the load conditions are different in nature, work every day the number of hours is not at the same time, according to the work load of machine according to the classification of various factors are modified. The reducer two-way operation, will be seen P1N coefficient multiplied by 0.7 to 1, when the reliability KR reverse loads, reversing frequently, selected low for small value, and large value. Power down calculation: P2m=P2*KA*KS*KR, in which P2 is the working power; KA is the use factor; KS is the starting factor; KR is the reliable coefficient. (2) thermal power nuclear efficiency. Reducing the allowable heat power PG is applicable to the environmental temperature of 20 DEG C for 100% hour, continuous operation and power utilization (P2/P1N * 100%) is 100%, does not meet the above conditions, should be amended. (3) check the radial load on the shaft extension.
This problem for a long time, a drive shaft with a key, how to fix the position after the rotation of concrete keyway, don't specify the rotation and rotation angle, through parallel or perpendicular to that location
What do I do if I want the slot above to be horizontal?