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Why the new cement road to be cut with a cutting machine
The cracks are generated along the cutting seam to prevent random cracks.
What are the safety management measures for reinforced concrete cutting
4 concrete cutting operator, in pushing the cutting machine, not forced into the knife.
What is the moldability of concrete?
3, high strength and durable, with good durability, compared to brick and concrete structure, the framework of concrete structure is stable, seismic performance is good, the housing separated by their own changeable.
What is the impact of the concrete pavement on the quality of the pavement?
High temperature, concrete strength growth fast, cutting time to be early.Temperature difference, cutting time should be early.
Is the concrete cutting seam generally cut deep?
Pavement concrete slits Specific depth: There are two kinds of sewn sewn and sewn.
Can concrete be cut into tiles?
Construction works with cement, white stone (or fluorite), raw materials and other materials processed into terrazzo,
What is the way to cut the cast-in-place concrete?
hen the large pieces of the tendons set with a gourd with gourd and so pull and then cut, a small erection of scaffolding close to the cut.
Concrete condensation hardening process, cement hydration to release a lot of heat, resulting in concrete temperature rise; most of the cement hydration reaction is over, the concrete temperature began to decline.
Then, the road shrinkage to fill the asphalt or sealant to seal, to prevent rain water into the roadbed.