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Type: Angle grinder

Model : S1M-SG-150
Grinding disc diameter : 150 (mm) grinding disk rotational speed : 8000 (r / min) Power supply voltage : 220V
Power type: AC motor power : 1200 (W) Scope: engineering , site grinding cutting metal
Weight : 3.8 (kg) custom processing

Technical parameters:
Standard models : S1M-SG-150 Order number : 31150
Voltage : 220V / 110V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Rated speed : 8000r / min wheel diameter : 150mm

Rated power : 1200W Spindle Thread : M14

General Standard configuration:
Motor stack height : 50mm chassis Color : Customizable
Packaging: carton packaging auxiliary handle : 1
Wheel cover : a wrench: 1
Cable : 2X075 * 2 meters outside the box size : 48X40X31
Number of units : 6 sets / pieces

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Q:How do I cut the PCB circuit board?
Shearing is the first step in the mechanical operation of a printed circuit board. The shape and outline can be given by shearing. The basic cutting method is applicable to a wide variety of substrates, usually of no more than 2mm. When the cutting board is more than 2mm, the edge of the cutting will appear rough and irregular, so this method is not generally used.
Q:Not only to ensure the smoothness of the inner hole, but also deburring, what tools grinding hole?
Analysis of the reasons for expanding the hole in the grinding hole 1, uneven grinding of abrasives. 2, when grinding, the hole agent out of the grinding agent did not wipe in time. 3, the gap between the grinding rod and the workpiece is too large, and the lapping tool is too big to swing relative to the workpiece aperture. 4, the grinding bar extends too long. 5, the workpiece itself or grinding taper.
Q:What tools do you use for wood polishing?
Sandpaper.Commonly known as sandpaper sandpaper. A material for grinding. Used to grind the surface of metal, wood, etc., so as to make it smooth and smooth. Usually in the base paper on all kinds of grinding sand.
Q:What is the polishing wheel used in mirror polishing in machining? The material is not quenched by S136.
Suitable for die steel use moist environment and weak alkaline environment, by ESR remelting (Grade A) steel is suitable for making optical instruments, lens, lens mold, suitable for most electronic components, tools, utensils abandon meal type, camera, sunglasses, chemical equipment and plastic products, high surface finish production optical products, such as cameras, sun glasses, chemical equipment, syringes, analytical instruments and plastic products.
Q:An abrasive tool for grinding a flat plate; an abrasive
With the grinding tools and abrasive grinding on the workpiece surface with a layer of trace metals, the surface of the workpiece to achieve the precise size, accurate geometry and surface roughness is very fine, this processing method called grinding.
Q:Do you have to grind the car before polishing?
1. Clean the whole vehicle. Clean the whole car with a strong paint cleaning agent. When cleaning agents are used, dust particles should be avoided to cause new scratches in the process of grinding.2, water sandpaper. For the painted surface coarse, fine sandpaper marks, flow marks, in polishing before using 600#~1000# water water sandpaper wrapped in a small rubber pad, the grinding gently to a flat (not worn paint).3, coarse and fine grinding. Using machine grinding machine (electric or pneumatic) plus coarse grinding paste, the water sand paper traces of rough grinding, and then add abrasive paste polishing, polishing, fine grinding.
Q:Agate stone making tool
Agate stone is a kind of natural jade, which has many artistic values. It has been developed and traded in recent years. Agate stone processing equipment, important by the grinding machine equipment for large particle size grinding operations. Agate stone refers to a strip structure. It is a kind of colloidal mineral, its important ingredient is silicon dioxide.
Q:Car paint maintenance, why grinding and polishing
In the finish grinding and polishing after waxing treatment, after waxing can increase the paint gloss, the icing on the cake, and can form a thin layer of protective film on the surface, to reduce the effect of waterproof, ultraviolet and other external.
Q:Abrasives are what to catch?
In addition to being widely used in machinery manufacturing and other metal processing industries, abrasives are also used in the processing of food, paper and ceramics, glass, stone, plastics, rubber, wood and other non-metallic materials.
Q:Grinding and processing old tiles need what tools
Need to use the method of glazing (for high surface smoothness requirements of the product); 5, using ion implantation method to process material surface, ion implantation is a supplement to the existing ceramic toughening mechanism, is the deep processing of prepared ceramic products.

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