HSS SALE annular cutter(High performance version) DAHK-4

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D.O.C. 50mm
Made of high quality & super tough high speed steel with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction to reach better endurance and less breakage . Applicable to hole cutting on hard-cut materials
TiN or TiAlN coating are available upon request
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magneric drills and press , like Alfra , Hougen , Jancy , Euroboor , BDS , Ruko


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Q:M6 screws should drill big holes
1.M6 need to drill 4.8mm hole thread. Calculation method:2. generally speaking, the diameter of the Gong bolt multiplied by 0.86 is the diameter of the hole to be drilled.3.M6 thread refers to the nominal diameter of 6mm coarse tooth common thread.
Q:What is the cause of the drilling mud bit?
The mud performance factors: poor inhibition of mud shale hydration dispersion cannot control the solid content and high viscosity; cut, drilled cuttings are difficult to remove, easy to adsorb on the surface of drill bit, if you are using solid free drilling fluid, the bit will never happen in mud; mud is high, water loss is big, easy to the formation of a rough thick mud cake; poor lubrication, the surface can not form an effective protective film, drilling fluid in solid phase adsorbed on the bit inferior.
Q:What's the difference between a twist drill and an impact drill?
Impact drill is based on the modified twist drill to make it suitable for a variety of operational requirements, the shape can understand it, handle + spiral twist drill is simple, impact drill for spiral handle + + flat head.
Q:Good or good tungsten cobalt steel drill bit.
They are tungsten cobalt drills, which are commonly used in machining. Tungsten, cobalt and titanium drills are found in hard materials with Rockwell hardness of more than HRC32.
Q:What drill is used in stainless iron drilling?. What color?
The best is to make the stainless steel material of cobalt containing material with high speed steel drill, high-speed steel drill is cobalt containing silver, do not know the landlord of the silver white bit is not high speed steel containing cobalt, if not, you can buy only high speed steel cobaltiferous material drill (also called stainless steel special under the best bit), buy imported, not much of your money, the quality difference is too large domestic drill. Or if not, can change the drill bit Ti, Ti is abrasion resistant, average life is 3 times more than the standard twist drill
Q:What are the differences between the center drill and the twist drill in its structure and use?
The product has good cutting and good chip removal. The center drill has two types: type A: without supporting the center of the cone drill, B type: nursing center of the cone drill, machining center hole diameter of d=2~10mm, usually by supporting the center of the cone drill without (type A); process long, high precision workpiece, in order to avoid 60 degrees centering the cone is damaged, the general nursing center of the cone drill (type B).
Q:How to recognize the quality of twist drills?
The first is the material: the market has 424160843416342934, 6542, M35, M42 in turn.The second is the process: straight drill are rolling, milling, grinding, milling and drilling are rolling. Ground is the best. The rolling efficiency is much higher than that of milling, so most of the bit is rolled. High quality high speed steel is generally used in grinding.
Q:Why not hammer drill iron? yes or no?
Because it is not sharp, it is impacted by the impact of drilling, and iron toughness is very good, the impact on it does not work, and only a sharp drill to cut into!
Q:What kind of drill is drilled by 40Cr heat treatment with hardness above 40 degrees?
On the other hand, putting a blade on a large cutter is not necessarily a costly mistake. The cost of the CBN blade is 8-10 times that of the carbide blade. In the use of these advanced material blades, if the cutting speed and feed is not correct, will affect product quality and tool life. Because it is difficult to realize the stock reserve, it is necessary to evaluate the processing benefit and the whole process. Value from the whole process, if we consider the adjustment and replacement of the blade time, even if the use of carbide tools with low cost to meet the requirements of tolerances and surface accuracy, so the cost is expensive. Only when the production capacity, processing cycle and blade performance are well coordinated can the actual machining capability eventually be formed.
Q:What's the difference between white, black, and yellow twist drills?
There are 3 processes for producing drills, black for rolling and worst for rolling. White for clean edges and ground. Because, unlike rolling, no high temperature oxidation, the steel grain structure is not damaged, used to drill a slightly higher hardness workpiece.

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