TCT annular cutter with parallel DNTJ-5

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D.O.C.  75mm

31.75 Parallel shank for clamping strength and finish . Suitable foe large cutter above Φ61mm
Selected special-purpose carbide tips with multi-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower friction . Reduced damage of tip and improved performance of ships removal
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magneric drills and press


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Q:How big is the screw hole at the back of the torch chuck, Is it a rebound?
Usually around M5 or M6.
Q:What is countersunk drill, flat head drill?
Countersunk drill: it is a well formed drill bit that is basically used for machining countersunk headsA drill bit used to hide six square screws
Q:What bits of percussion drills are made of?
Purpose: hard alloy is widely used as a tool material, such as turning, milling, planing, drilling, boring, used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and steel, can also be used for cutting steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other hard processing materials.
Q:How do you get yellow on the surface of the drill bit?
Coated cutting tools are in hard alloy high strength and toughness or high speed steel (HSS) on the body surface by vapor deposition method is coated with a thin layer of good abrasion resistance of refractory metal or non metal compounds (can also be applied in ceramics, superhard materials such as diamond and cubic boron nitride blade) obtained. The coating acts as a chemical barrier and thermal barrier, reducing the diffusion and chemical reaction between the tool and the workpiece, thereby reducing the wear of the crescent groove.
Q:Which material, gb1436 and 6542, has a good drill?
6542 is a high speed tool steel.Most of the drilling holes for high-speed processing, so the majority of small drill bit is 6542, this is the must choose.Most drilling holes are low speed processing, and the manufacturing cost is considered, so most of them do not use 6542.GB1436 "straight shank twist drill", this is a standard, is a straight shank twist drill specifications, size, not material.
Q:How do the new pros or cons drill the drill bit without the key?
There are two ways to unload and unload manually:Methods: hand unloading drill drill handle on the ground, pine along the direction of the drill bit to find a hard thing with the hammer hit, the release, remember that it is right to bear left loose, otherwise it will be more and more tightly card.The method of using a card or key to pry it open:(1) card: the electric drill is lifted and the clasp is removed to remove the drill bit;(2) bevel key: remove the bit by pressing the key with an anti clockwise ring, then the drill ring can be taken out.
Q:Small bit drilling, drilling machine speed is fast or slow?
The main reason for the large size is the asymmetry of the sides of the drill. Also, do not drill directly with such a large drill. First drill with a small bit, then use a larger bit to expand the hole
Q:The maximum diameter of the hammer is fixed up? How does an electric drill screw in? How big is the drill bit?
Hammer of different sizes have different maximum diameter of the drill bit.
Q:What are the tools, drills, and any of the machine tools made of?
High speed steel means containing more tungsten, chromium and aluminum alloy elements such as the tower of metalwork of steel, commonly known as steel or stainless steel.The machine is characterized by simple manufacture; high hardness (63 ~ 66HRC), wear resistance and heat resistance (about 600 - 660 C); have sufficient strength and toughness; have good craft; can bear greater impact; tool manufacturing complex shape, such as special lathe tool, milling cutter and drill, broach and gear cutter; but notIt can be used in high speed cutting. Grades and properties of commonly used high speed steel.The hardness of high speed steel after quenching is HRC63 ~ 67, and the red hard temperature is 550 ~ 600 DEG C, and the allowable cutting speed is 25 ~ 30m/min.The bending strength and impact toughness of high speed steel is high, can be cast, forging, welding, heat treatment and machining, has good grinding performance, the grinding quality is high, so it is used to manufacture complex shape of tools, such as drill, reamer, milling cutter, and also used for low speed machining tool and forming turning tool.Commonly used high-speed steel grades are W18Cr4V and W6Mo5Cr4V2 two.
Q:Sharpening of drill angle when machining different materials
For drilling soft materials, the drill points can be sharpened. As to why such a grinding bit is made, it is because the harder material can hold the bit, so that the bit does not swing too much, and the diameter of the drilled hole can meet the requirements. Soft material drilling, if the drill is relatively flat, because the material is relatively soft, can not cover the drill bit, so that drilling out of the size of the hole is too poor.

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