High performance HSS rail cutter DRAX-2

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China main port
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10 pc
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5000 pc/month

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D.O.C. 25&50mm
Made of super tough high speed steel , superiorly-designed geometry for excellent performance of hole cutting
Supply Φ19.0mm and Φ19.05mm weldom shank
Applicable to hole cutting on hard-cut railtracks with high strength


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Q:What's the difference between a drill bit and a drill bit?
There are many differences. For example: different materials; drill design structure (tip, blade, groove, handle, etc.) different; processing methods, processes, etc..Turn left and turn right |
Q:How to use glass drills?
With the drill bit in the hole on the glass, water glass drill bit 80 degree angle at the hole grooves and then gradually transferred to a glass surface 90 degrees vertical to continue drilling, and continue to add water cooling the drill bit when drilling, 5mm stopped the machine out the bit within the glass pieces and then drilling. Clean up until the desired depth is reached.
Q:What is a two center drill? What's the function?
The drill has two centers in the axial direction, generally used for reaming and used in salt gypsum layers, mainly to make drilling tools easy to pass through.
Q:How are the drills classified?
Twist drill is the most widely used hole cutting tool. Usually, the diameter ranges from 0.25 to 80 millimeters.
Q:What's the difference between an impact drill or an ordinary electric drill?
An electric drill is a drilling machine that uses electricity as power. Is the power tools in the conventional products, but also the largest demand for power tools products. The electric drill is only available in the form of rotation, especially for drilling on materials that require little force, such as cork, metal, brick, tile, etc.. Just rely on the electric motor drives the drive gear to increase the strength of the drill bit rotation, do scraping in metal, wood and other forms of perforated material.
Q:How big is the 6 bit that the worker says?
Usually they don't talk about units, they just say the data, he says, 6 of the drill, that's the drill with a diameter of 6mm, that's right
Q:What are the differences between a twist drill and a construction drill? Where are they used?
A twist drill is usually a metal drill. Construction drilling is the impact of drilling, more for concrete, masonry and other drilling.
Q:How do you drill a bit?
A bit, including a cutter rod, a cutter rod tip, tip two is located in a main plane (C - C) on the cutting insert (5, 5 '), the cutting blades (5, 5') have in common second planes (E - E). The orientation of the short cutting edge center. The blade forms a point like center, the cutting edge is used to enter the workpiece, and thereby the bit is aligned. Two chip grooves (6, 6 ') are arranged on the cutter bar, and the chip removing slots (6, 6') extend from the tip to the end. In any section along the bar, the flutes are located are diametrically opposed to each other's position in the flat tube, flat tube and two common edge edge in the pipe on both sides of the belt plane (F F) 90 degrees extension, wherein the knife rod has a maximum in the rigid plane. The orientation of the second plane (E E) of the center cutting edge is approximately 90 degrees with respect to the main rigid direction (F F) of the blade plane or the bottom of the cutter bar.
Q:What drill heads are used to drill holes in diamond heads?
General screw drill or tungsten steel, tungsten steel twist drill.
Q:How to install expansion screw? How big is the screw? What size is it? Or what? How do you see the size?
What size screws should be made with a large 2 millimeter head, and the diameter and length of the tail are the type

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