HSS rail cutter DRHX-2 D.O.C. 25&50mm

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D.O.C. 25&50mm

◎ Made of super tough high speed steel , superiorly-designed geometry for better endurance

◎ Supply Φ19.0mm and Φ19.05mm weldom shank

◎ Applicable to hole cutting on railtrack , like PD3


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Q:What's the maximum available drill bit for an electric drill with a maximum diameter of 10mm?
13mm, there's a three column handle, which is equivalent to reducing the diameter of the chuck and the direction of the drill is large.
Q:The whole alloy drill often breaks
Drilling with carbide drills is the most afraid of bit feed instability, vibration and pulsation, which is the most likely to break the drill bit. If the drilling is not guaranteed, the cemented carbide bit can be used instead. The body of this drill is made of tool steel material, but only hard alloy material is inserted in the cutting part. The drill will not break the drill even when it is drilling.
Q:What are the main points of drill grinding?
Grind back from the edge of the blade. When the blade is in contact with the grinding wheel, it should be drawn back from the main cutting edge, that is, contact the grinding wheel from the edge of the drill bit and then slowly grind down the whole flank. Gently contact wheel bit penetration, advanced for less grinding, and observe the uniformity of discharge, timely adjustment of the size of the pressure on the hand, but also pay attention to the drill bit cooling, can not be allowed to wear too much, causing the edge to edge discoloration, annealing. When the blade temperature is high, the drill bit should be cooled in time.
Q:What steel blade drill bit, hardness above 60
It is recommended to use steel bit, two hundred to three hundred RPM (8mm below the hole, more than 8mm, and then reduce speed), pay attention to cooling, the amount of feed should not be too large. For reference only, I hope it will help you.
Q:How are the drills classified?
The cutting part of flat drill is shovel shaped, simple in structure and low in manufacturing cost. The cutting fluid is easy to be introduced into the hole, but the performance of cutting and chip removal is poor. The structure of flat drill is composed of two types: integral type and assembled type. The integral type is mainly used for drilling 0.03 to 0.5 millimeters in diameter. The assembled flat drill blade can be changed, and can be internally cooled. It is mainly used for drilling large holes with a diameter of 25~500 millimeters.
Q:How can we change an ordinary drill bit into stainless steel?
With ordinary stainless steel drill bits to drill, speed down, such as 100, add a little vinegar when drilling well drilling. In two, the lowest drill about three hundred rpm, speed a little faster. It is better to drill on the vertical or rocker arm, and the speed can be adjusted lower.
Q:M6 threads need to drill much bottom?
M6 need to drill 4.8mm hole thread. Calculation method:Generally, the diameter of the Gong bolt multiplied by 0.86 is the diameter of the hole to be drilled.M6 thread refers to the nominal diameter of 6mm coarse teeth, ordinary thread.
Q:How do you drill a bit?
Less grinding, first of all, "do not rub", get the drill, that is, grinding, certainly blind grinding. This is a very important step to lay a solid foundation for grinding the next step only when you put a good position before sharpening. The teacher in the demonstration process, according to the methods and skills of practice summed up in simple formulas form explanation and demonstration, students often listen to understand, to do the normal operation demonstration, step by step action demonstration, slow motion model, so that the students easy to accept. Here the use of four formulas to guide the grinding process. Better effect.
Q:What drill is best?
The general drill is HSS high-speed steel, and if a good point is high-speed cobalt containing steel, black should be treated by blackening! Black Brown should be TIALN coated!! This drill is usually not custom-made, at most, take the standard drill bit to make a TIALN coating!!
Q:What's the difference between white, black, and yellow twist drills?
The yellowish brown drill, called cobalt cobalt drill in the industry, is the unspoken rule of the drill. Cobalt containing drills were originally white, produced by grinding, and when they were atomized at the later stage, they were made of yellow brown (commonly called amber), which is the best in circulation. M35 (Co 5%)

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