HSS-E annular cutter with universal shank DNHC-2

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D.O.C.  25mm
Universal shank for various magentic drills
Made of super tough high speed steel with mulit-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower feiction to reach better performance of endurance and removal of chips
Applicable to hole cutting and process of annular groove on various magnetic drills and press.


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Q:What does M3x0.5 mean by tapping a drill bit?
M3 * 0.5 represents a 3 mm screw with a pitch of 0.5 mm. With a diameter of 3 minus 0.5 equals 2.5 pitch dia. It is to drill 2.5 holes with a drill, and then tap with a M3 tap.
Q:What steel blade drill bit, hardness above 60
It is recommended to use steel bit, two hundred to three hundred RPM (8mm below the hole, more than 8mm, and then reduce speed), pay attention to cooling, the amount of feed should not be too large. For reference only, I hope it will help you.
Q:How to change the drill bit of impact electric drill
Install the drill bit: or the handstand impact drill, the left hand down to the plastic ring, the right hand with the drill, rotating around the insertion
Q:What drills do we use to drill jade?
Process for drilling holes on the jade carving is the use of drilling needle method, with a needle, rotated on the jade carving, jade sand "," to grind a shallow pit on the surface, then the pit, until the jade material wear. The drilling period "jade sand" has been in the pit with rotating rubbing hole wall, so the upper hole than the lower part to bear "jade sand" friction, so that by this method to hit the hole, the hole is small in shape.
Q:Relationship between pump pressure and bit pressure drop
Classification and nomenclature. For example, according to the drive method can be divided into electric pumps and water turbine pumps; according to the structure can be divided into single-stage pumps and multi-stage pumps; according to the use of boilers can be divided into feed water pumps and metering pumps; according to the nature of the transmission fluid can be divided into pumps, pumpsAnd mud pumps, etc.. In accordance with the non axial structure, can be divided into linear pumps and traditional pumps. It adopts the principle of magnetic suspension and the hydraulic structure of spiral ring to realize liquid propulsion, that is, to cancel the shaft, to cancel the shaft connection, and to cancel the seal structure of the shaft. After starting, the electric current is transformed into a magnetic field, and the magnetic field force drives the spiral ring to move, namely, the spiral ring promotes the liquid advance.
Q:How do you get yellow on the surface of the drill bit?
Coated cutting tools are in hard alloy high strength and toughness or high speed steel (HSS) on the body surface by vapor deposition method is coated with a thin layer of good abrasion resistance of refractory metal or non metal compounds (can also be applied in ceramics, superhard materials such as diamond and cubic boron nitride blade) obtained. The coating acts as a chemical barrier and thermal barrier, reducing the diffusion and chemical reaction between the tool and the workpiece, thereby reducing the wear of the crescent groove.
Q:Do you have a drill with a diameter of 2.2mm?
A drill with a small outside diameter, each of which varies in size from 0.1MM to 2.2MM in diameter. The drill bit is a commonly used specification and can be bought at will.
Q:Impact drill and electric hammer drill is what is the difference?
Both hammer percussion drill and drill function, it can be used when the hammer drill, and when. There are two kinds of drills. Impact bit can be divided into: straight handle impact bit, taper handle (oblique handle), impact drill and six angle handle impact bit. The utility model is used for loading and clamping the impact electric drill, drilling the concrete foundation, the wall, the brick wall and the granite, so as to install expansion bolts, plastic expansion pipes and other fasteners in the hole.
Q:How do we calculate the length of a drill for a bored pile drill?
There are two main types of drilling rigs: rotary drilling machine and impact drilling machine. The bit of rotary drill is divided into three kinds of scraper drill: suitable for quicksand and silt layer. Only the diameter and weight limit, no length limit cone drill: suitable for soft stone and hard soil. There is no length limited hob drill: suitable for hard rock layers. There are weight limit and hob arrangement, hardness requirements above, there is no drill length requirements. Impact drill: it is to use the weight of the drill to squeeze the soil into the hole, and the hole of the rock is also to use the bit itself to destroy the rock structure surface into holes. Only the weight on bit (according to the requirements of classification of rock hardness determine bit weight, diameter of 2-2.5 meters in the drill hole, the weight of at least 10 tons; 1.5-2 meters, bit weight of about 5 tons, 1.5 meters below 3 tons. For impact drilling, the length of the drill has a certain requirement, usually 1.8-2.5 meters high. Because the longer the drill bit, the stronger the impact drilling guidance function, the smaller the possibility of partial hole, hammer and hammer, the higher the standard of drilling. There are no rules and regulations, and you can succeed by experience.
Q:1.6mm iron plate, what drill can drill holes? You can drill?
You can drill. You said the iron is generally low carbon cold-rolled sheet, about 300W of the maximum 6mm hole drill can drill. Maximum drilling torque 1N*M, drilling force 60~70KG, feed 0.1mm/r. So, 1.5 of the sheet metal, and then put on.Buy an electric drill to see how many holes you need to drill, and the greater the drill hole, the greater the power of the drill. The largest electric drill can drill into the hole of 20mmThe drill is made of a high speed steel bit, and a little better. You can buy the carbide drillUsually referred to as "iron plate", is a kind of low-carbon carbon structural steel, yield strength low, high elongation, brand Q195, Q235 and so on. It has high plasticity and toughness. A no problem

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