HSS-E annular cutter with FEIN Quick-IN DNHF-3

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D.O.C.  35mm
18mm Fein Quick-IN shank . Suitable on Fein Magnetic drills
Made of super tough high speed steel with mulit-cut geometry for ply-cutting and lower feiction to reach better performance of endurance and removal of chips


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Q:How to distinguish between electric hammer drill bit used
Use the hammer drill shank is square, drill shank is round. The hardware store that buys electric tools will find out in comparison.
Q:To do the M4 screw hole, what size holes must be drilled first?
According to my experience in the industry, since you are an aluminum piece, you should use kerosene or kerosene and cutting fluid when you tap. This will make the tapping more smooth and protect the tap and thread. In addition, the general aluminum pieces should be steel wire screw, otherwise, the teeth are easily broken.
Q:What steel blade drill bit, hardness above 60
It is recommended to use steel bit, two hundred to three hundred RPM (8mm below the hole, more than 8mm, and then reduce speed), pay attention to cooling, the amount of feed should not be too large. For reference only, I hope it will help you.
Q:Relationship between pump pressure and bit pressure drop
Liquids such as liquids, liquids, gases, and liquids containing suspended solids. Pump can usually be divided into three types of displacement pumps, power pumps and other types of pumps according to the principle of operation. In addition to the principle of classification, there are other ways
Q:How can the gun drill be unloaded?
You have to decide what is the drill or hammer. The drill is to use special wrench with teeth, no special wrench, can this tooth clamping cone drill, with a metal rod inserted in the cone under Kong Zhong, one hand holding forceps, a metal stick, twist, it fell. Hammer, seize the clamp bit press back at the same time, on the other hand, pull forward, will be able to take off.
Q:How big are the 8 bits that have worked up?
A drill bit (Drills) is a tool used to drill through holes or blind holes in solid material and to expand existing holes. The commonly used drills are mainly twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills and casing drills. Reaming drill and countersink drill is not in solid material drilling, but it is also customary to put them in a bit.
Q:What are the brands of homemade twist drills?
Twist drills are made of many different materials, and different materials have different hardness. The angle or just ordinary relatively low hardness, so in theory, as long as the geometric angle of precise angle quasi good drill, only poor material life is low. Because of this, so many people like fraudulent use of materials, or connecting the handle with other materials, the head good. But now there is a process called roast yellow, this process after the connection part of the defect, a look at it.
Q:Carbide drills and high speed steel drills, which are suitable for working stainless steel?
Serious work hardeningAustenitic stainless steel and some high alloy stainless steel is austenite, high work hardening tendency when cutting, usually plain carbon steel several times, the tool in hardening region cutting, shortening tool life.
Q:Cobalt containing special stainless steel drill bit, 4mm angle, do not move?
What drill, what power, what speed?.Iron and steel complex, hard harder than stainless steel.The drill is to be sharpened.
Q:How do you drill a sharpening bit?
By the back edge grinding behind. This is the slow grinding of the entire flank from the edge of the bit. It is easy to dissipate heat and grind. Based on the formula one or two to consolidate stability, this bit can be gentlyContact grinding wheel, a small amount of grinding, grinding, to observe the uniformity of the spark, to adjust the size of the pressure, and pay attention to the cooling of the drill. When the cooling start again after grinding, to set the position of the one or two formula,This is often difficult to master in the beginning, often involuntarily change the correctness of its position.Formula four: "the next swing tail don't tilt." This action is also very important during the sharpening of the drill, and the students often change the "up and down" into "up and down" in the process of grinding so that the other main blade of the drill is destroyed. withThe tail of the drill can not be raised above the horizontal center line of the grinding wheel, otherwise it will cause the edge to be dull and can not be cut.

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