When putting up old scaffolding, a mistake was made and it had to come down.Long story short, the connectors between the vertical and horizontal poles (which were hammered in) are stuck.Any ideas for getting them out?Thanks.
WD 40, angle grind off what you can....
...and I'm not really sure what to expect. I know that everyones healing time and pain tolerence is different but just some personal storys would be nice. And before you say it I am aware that there are risks as there are risks with any piercing. so I'm 17 from London and wondering:How old do you have to be to get it done?Does anyone know a reputable place i can get it done?How much will it be?any experiences to share?
I haven't had this piercing but i was thinking of getting one i do have an eyebrow ring an...
what do you think?pain wise? i know it's going to hurt as it's a peircing (duh) but will it hurt especially as it's two thick pieces of cartilage?
it looks awesome just make sure you keep it under clean conditions, once it gets inflammed...
I really want to get one done and I would like it if someone could tell me how badly does it really hurt? During and after. I know everybody has different pain thresholds but on average? I'm just nervous to get it done but really want another piercing on my ears. I have my lobes and a cartilage on my right ear. How easy is it to clean? rate in numbers as well as a description. Thanks.
My lip piercing did not harm in any respect. i've got not got an anti-tragus piercing, yet...
Cantilever scaffold technical disclosure
First, the foot of the structure of the quality standards:1, steel pipe:(1) the steel pipe...
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