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Detailed Product Description

1)cnc machining parts

2)aluminum machining parts

3)small order availbale

4)material:aluminum,steel,stainless steel

Detailed Parts Description:

*aluminum CNC machining parts

*metal hardware parts in auto,hydralic,medical,vessel,general machinery industries.

*kinds of material available: aluminum alloy, carbon steel,stainless steel,copper,brass,etc

*process available: die casting, gravity casting,stamping,punching,drilling,threading,CNC lathe and machining,turning,etc.

*welcome OEM drawings in pdf,jpeg,tiff,dwg,dxf, igs,step,stp

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Q:Where is the best EPS line material? The Have not know? Trouble to talk about it thank you!
It can be made into different density, different shapes of foam products, but also can produce a variety of different thickness of the foam sheet Widely used in construction, insulation, packaging, refrigeration, daily necessities, industrial casting and other fields Can also be used to display the venue, merchandise cabinets, advertising signs and toys manufacturing EPS board insulation system is composed of special polymer cement, EPS board, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth and decorative materials composition Set insulation, waterproof, fire, decorative functions as one of the new building structure system The technology will be placed in the insulation of the external walls of the building, do not take up indoor space, insulation effect is obvious, easy to design architectural shape I suggest you go to Waldorf to understand their official ASD hope to help you The The
Q:Decoration construction measures the basis of the payline in the report line and the results of the release of the table how to fill?
In general, after the construction plan, Party will invite the surveying and mapping brigade to the construction side of a planning report, the above red line and the construction of red line, mapping team will put these lines will be released
Q:What are the main types of paper gypsum board on the market now? For example, there are pure gypsum board, desulfurization gypsum board, phosphogypsum board, what is the difference between them?
4 million US dollars / households Currently the best market is Jieke and Lafarge, are the French building materials giant, Jie Ke is the world's first brand sales, Lafarge history is relatively long Natural gypsum purity of 83% of the highest, natural gypsum contains a certain amount of minerals, there may be some harmful heavy metals, with natural gypsum made of gypsum plaster to do more than desulfurization gypsum Phosphogypsum is also a natural gypsum, but the industry rumors that phosphogypsum will be carcinogenic to the human body, to be verified
Q:SWP-B What is the material SWP-B piano wire where to buy?
The company mainly engaged in imported steel, imported metal materials, sales of more than 000 kinds of steel materials: die steel, tool steel, structural steel, carbon steel, powder steel, high speed steel, tungsten steel (carbide steel) Chrome molybdenum alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, tensile steel, bearing steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, hot plate, cold rolling double light board Grey cast iron Metal: red copper, brass, bronze, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, tungsten copper, cup copper, tin bronze, phosphor bronze, tin tungsten copper, tin zinc copper, foreign copper, chromium zirconium copper, zirconium bronze Aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy high temperature alloy zinc alloy titanium alloy magnesium alloy soft magnetic alloy
Q:How sticky gypsum line? What is the best material to do sticky material?
Quick-drying white latex to water. 20% glue plus 30% water. The Whitish with white gypsum powder. I am professional to do, believe me.
Q:I would like to know the induction cooker in the heating plate is what material to do, inside the wire is how the layout
There are a variety of specifications, such as our factory's reel: reel bracket - high temperature glass fiber magnetic stripe copper wire, aluminum coil is 0.37 * 28 * 280.37 refers to a single line of 28 cross-sectional area is 28 0.37 of the line 28 refers to the coil on the 28 laps around the general can withstand 6 to 12A current, in the induction cooker generally generate the frequency of 15KHz-30KHz
Q:Help pc material resistant to ultraviolet light? Online and so on
Ultraviolet rays have a damaging effect on any kind of plastic. Pc material should be better!
Q:Will the decoration of half of the material which needs to be prepared in advance
The owner needs to buy materials: cabinets, heating, wall tiles, floor tiles, trenching agents, floor drain, skirting, tiles, waist lines, sewing cards, rags, wall paint, drums, wool brushes, floor and baseboard Doors and windows, sockets, switches, toilets, sinks, showers, water heaters, hardware pendants, vegetables pots, hoods, kitchen treasure, door stone, window stone, wallpaper, curtains, furniture, home appliances.
Q:What is the meaning of EPS ah, know the help ah!
EPS decorative lines is a new type of external decorative lines and components, it can completely replace the traditional cement (GRC) components, more suitable for installation, in the external walls of EPS, XPS insulation wall, both to reflect the European classical, elegant Of the decorative style, but also to ensure that the main building exterior wall does not appear cold, thermal bridge effect
Q:Simple modern decoration TV back wall with what material is good
The background wall can be travertine, tiles, sandstone, relief, wood carving, gold foil, wallpaper, soft package, the side of the silver mirror mirror mirror can also be gypsum board pumping tank latex paint, edge can be used stone lines, , Gypsum lines, titanium, stainless steel. You can search the Internet under the "interior decoration map Daquan" can find a lot about the decoration effect map information, of course, more interior decoration information suggest you to the professional home network reference to understand, hope to help you!
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