silver cored flux welding wires industry grade

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Flux Cored Silver Brazing Material
Availability:TiBright flux-cored silver brazing materials numerous advantages compared to traditional metal-joining methods. It consists of a filler metal in strip form that is rolled around a powdered flux. For mostly instead of hand manual torch brazing, especially recommend for automatically brazing working cycle.  
Product size:Product size: the most commonly used diameter lengths are: 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm,  . We can also specially make the size to meet the requirements of our customers.
Advantages:Flux and relative operations are not needed.
Workers and equipments are not exposed to dust atmosphere.
Precise composition of materials can reduce the amount of pores and enhance the quality of the welding points. Environmental friendly, non-corrosive, no post cleaning needed.  
Packing:0.5kg,1kg,2kg,2.25kg,5kg/roll. 10 Kg/Roll

Class modification Melting/Solid Temperature
Brazing alloy Composition
FC-316608 - 630 °C5622 175

< 0.15.

FC-303675--743°C453025--< 0.15
FC-322 650 – 710 °C403030
< 0.15
FC-314660--740 °C3539251< 0.15
FC-311675--765°C303832--< 0.15

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Q:Decoration of the house to the ceiling of the white gypsum line and PU line drawing what materials with something?
If something, what kind of gold? General decoration materials market in what shops will sell this kind of thing? As well as to the gypsum line (rough surface) can describe the words, to the PU line (white side) to describe it? What tools are used to describe gold? Seeking expert advice, thank you! Question added: already bought, called titanium paint, can be wood, cement, metal, gypsum on the map, sub-gold, copper, silver. I used to describe the watercolor pen, 1 meter with 1 hour. Strenuous ah I am in the pu line type if the description of the real point of the dry point can also be dry. I think we can also give the model to describe the gold. Oh thank you, say so much to the back of the friends to leave some knowledge of it more
Q:Simple modern decoration TV back wall with what material is good
The background wall can be travertine, tiles, sandstone, relief, wood carving, gold foil, wallpaper, soft package, the side of the silver mirror mirror mirror can also be gypsum board pumping tank latex paint, edge can be used stone lines, , Gypsum lines, titanium, stainless steel. You can search the Internet under the "interior decoration map Daquan" can find a lot about the decoration effect map information, of course, more interior decoration information suggest you to the professional home network reference to understand, hope to help you!
Q:SWP-B What is the material SWP-B piano wire where to buy?
The company mainly engaged in imported steel, imported metal materials, sales of more than 000 kinds of steel materials: die steel, tool steel, structural steel, carbon steel, powder steel, high speed steel, tungsten steel (carbide steel) Chrome molybdenum alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, tensile steel, bearing steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, hot plate, cold rolling double light board Grey cast iron Metal: red copper, brass, bronze, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, tungsten copper, cup copper, tin bronze, phosphor bronze, tin tungsten copper, tin zinc copper, foreign copper, chromium zirconium copper, zirconium bronze Aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy high temperature alloy zinc alloy titanium alloy magnesium alloy soft magnetic alloy
Q:What are the differences between the eight different colors of the wire in the material?
The material is the same, each line of the law is by the stress, huh, huh. Their own tried, random combination can also be used, but the transmission performance, anti-jamming worse than the standard connection, or even transmission can not.
Q:What kind of material is used on the road zebra crossing
In tile production, feldspar mainly acts as a "flux". During the heat treatment, the flux begins to melt at a lower temperature, so it increases the strength of the ceramic body as a bonding element. In the production of ceramic industry, but also the use of a large number of other natural minerals and some synthetic chemical raw materials, of which the more important raw materials and their molecular formula as follows: Raw material table Chemical composition of natural minerals Synthetic chemical composition of chemical composition of clay (three Alumina - two silicon dioxide - two water molecules) alumina (alumina) feldspar (potassium oxide or sodium oxide - aluminum oxide - six silica molecules) (Calcium Oxide) Tin Oxide (Calcium Oxide) Tin Oxide (Calcium Oxide) Tin Oxide (Tin Oxide) Magnesite (Magnesium Carbonate) Barium Titanate (Barium Oxide - Titanium Oxide) Talc (Three Oxidation) Magnesium oxide - four silica - water molecules) lead zirconate (lead oxide - zirconia) nepheline syenite (potassium oxide - three oxide nano - four aluminum oxide - nine silica + feldspar ) Iron oxide (ferric oxide) zircon (zirconia-silica) silicon carbide (silicon carbide) anhydrous borax (sodium oxide - boron oxide - ten water molecules) barium carbide (barium carbide) pyrophyllite (Aluminum oxide - four silica - water molecules) boron nitride (boron nitride) spodumene (lithium trioxide - aluminum oxide - six dioxins Silicon oxide) cobalt oxide (cobalt oxide) beryl (beryllium oxide - aluminum oxide - six silica)
Q:What is the material in the building where the drawings reflected in the drawings?
In the plan, the blocks and the walls of the shear wall are not the same. In the section and the big sample, you can see the difference between the different materials, the concrete, the reinforced concrete is generally the difference between the two. , Awning, some processes, the practice of different, can see it
Q:Why many people decorate the house when you like to use PU lines, PU wall panels and other top European decorative materials? What are their characteristics?
Because the house decorated with these materials looks elegant, luxurious! Gorgeous decoration, strong color, beautiful shape is its characteristics, so many people use this decoration house, and these materials environmental protection, anti-bite, fire, moisture, not easy to deformation, can be washed, light, clear pattern, realistic , A strong sense of three-dimensional and other customers are keen reason! If you have this need in the future, you can go to Taibai Interchange Meikailong first floor Gabriel PU monopoly to see the consultation! You can call the consultation 029-
Q:What is the difference between hysteresis loops of hard and magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials?
The hysteresis loop of the soft magnetic material is narrow and long, the residual magnetic induction intensity Br and the coercive force Hc are very small, the hysteresis loop of the hard magnetic material is wide and the Br and Hc are large
Q:Special requirements of the building materials for special equipment, process lines, etc. can be designated by the design unit What is the description of the wrong?
Article 22 of the Regulations on Quality Management of Construction Projects stipulates that the construction materials, building fittings and equipment used in the design documents shall specify the technical specifications such as specifications, models and performance, and the quality requirements must meet the standards stipulated by the State The In addition to special requirements of the building materials, special equipment, production lines, the design unit shall not specify the production plant, suppliers. It should be expressed as: the special requirements of the building materials for equipment, production lines and other manufacturers, suppliers can be designated by the design unit.
Q:Posted the wallpaper and found the decoration master forget the top angle how to do?
Stick wallpaper on the wall, no vertex line is not good looking. Your situation, and now only use wood materials to do the top angle, the paint can be muddy water paint, it can be clear water paint, this depends on your door and the door is what kind of paint, the same style on the line. Paint the first brush in the next, and then let the carpentry drill up to install, and then by the paint to repair nail, seams and other treatment. The top angle directly on the wallpaper, the top of the mouth of the mouth so that the paint repair the gap, and finally with the glass gel to do closed treatment (including the mouth). This time to increase the top angle line, should not use gypsum lines, because the installation of gypsum lines will pollute the wallpaper.

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