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Aluminium cored flux welding wires

Aluminium cored flux welding wires

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Flux Cored Silver Brazing Material
Availability:TiBright flux-cored silver brazing materials numerous advantages compared to traditional metal-joining methods. It consists of a filler metal in strip form that is rolled around a powdered flux. For mostly instead of hand manual torch brazing, especially recommend for automatically brazing working cycle.  
Product size:Product size: the most commonly used diameter lengths are: 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm,  . We can also specially make the size to meet the requirements of our customers.
Advantages:Flux and relative operations are not needed.
Workers and equipments are not exposed to dust atmosphere.
Precise composition of materials can reduce the amount of pores and enhance the quality of the welding points. Environmental friendly, non-corrosive, no post cleaning needed.  
Packing:0.5kg,1kg,2kg,2.25kg,5kg/roll. 10 Kg/Roll

Class modification Melting/Solid Temperature
Brazing alloy Composition
FC-316608 - 630 °C5622 175

< 0.15.

FC-303675--743°C453025--< 0.15
FC-322 650 – 710 °C403030
< 0.15
FC-314660--740 °C3539251< 0.15
FC-311675--765°C303832--< 0.15

Q:Decoration of the house to the ceiling of the white gypsum line and PU line drawing what materials with something?
If something, what kind of gold? General decoration materials market in what shops will sell this kind of thing? As well as to the gypsum line (rough surface) can describe the words, to the PU line (white side) to describe it? What tools are used to describe gold? Seeking expert advice, thank you! Question added: already bought, called titanium paint, can be wood, cement, metal, gypsum on the map, sub-gold, copper, silver. I used to describe the watercolor pen, 1 meter with 1 hour. Strenuous ah I am in the pu line type if the description of the real point of the dry point can also be dry. I think we can also give the model to describe the gold. Oh thank you, say so much to the back of the friends to leave some knowledge of it more
Q:The basis of the material and pay off the results of the table is how to fill in the format ah? Thank you more
In general, after the construction plan, Party will invite the surveying and mapping brigade to the construction side of a planning report, the above red line and the construction of red line, mapping team will put these lines will be released
Q:Please experts advise, induction cooker heating plate coil how many circles ah! And how much of the current and voltage frequency of the induction cooker after the IGBT. Do not discuss the specific model of the induction cooker, it is probably a value it Question added: What is the inner and outer diameter and height of the reel? What does the magnetic stripe play here? Why single-line selection 0.37mm. if the maximum rated current of 12A to determine the following, you can choose 10mm2 is not more trouble, so what is better? What are the theorem formulas used for magnetic flux calculations here? More
There are a variety of specifications, such as our factory's reel: reel bracket - high temperature glass fiber magnetic stripe copper wire, aluminum coil is 0.37 * 28 * 280.37 refers to a single line of 28 cross-sectional area is 28 0.37 of the line 28 refers to the coil on the 28 laps around the general can withstand 6 to 12A current, in the induction cooker generally generate the frequency of 15KHz-30KHz
Q:My house decoration, I like gypsum decoration line, and like to use the curtain box. But the use of wooden boxes and gypsum stick to it. Would like to ask, what other materials to create curtains, especially with gypsum connected? More
A lot of home is a ceiling, directly leaving the dark slot as a curtain box, there are wall directly to the location as a curtain box, but the curtain box shallow a little, there are many with the joinery and then brush the same angle paint. Look at your actual situation.
Q:Will you want to do gypsum products, such as gypsum line, it's the required materials and construction methods which friends can detail, thank you
Production of gypsum line and paste gypsum line is two things bright gypsum line mold
Q:Home bedroom are posted on the wallpaper, as early as the design staff and said home wall stickers, wall design staff can be asked to paste the wallpaper workers to stick to the wallpaper. After finishing the wallpaper, always feel the strange roof of the bedroom, and later found that decoration workers forget the top angle, and ugly. Is it not the process of decoration? Now has finished the wallpaper, and I still miss the top of the line how to do But also the final tranche of the decoration did not give three, really can not be reconciled! Little companions, help me out of ideas. More
Match big Dan, hello! Stick wallpaper on the wall, no vertex line is not good looking. Your situation, and now only use wood materials to do the top angle, the paint can be muddy water paint, it can be clear water paint, this depends on your door and the door is what kind of paint, the same style on the line. Paint the first brush in the next, and then let the carpentry drill up to install, and then by the paint to repair nail, seams and other treatment. The top angle directly on the wallpaper, the top of the mouth of the mouth so that the paint repair the gap, and finally with the glass gel to do closed treatment (including the mouth). This time to increase the top angle line, should not use gypsum lines, because the installation of gypsum lines will pollute the wallpaper.
Q:Do not say what 300 or so, I know that is more than . but more than 300? 310? Or 320? Or 330? More
Outside the school at least 320 to have the opportunity to see the mentor of the flesh, then the words about 33 hungry each other on the grip of the foot of the Soviet Union
Q:My restaurant wall tile, because the level of the ceiling do not want to ceiling, it is intended to cover the tiles with tiles and roof cracks. But today after the carpentry saw the tile can not stick plaster line, need to ceiling. Do you really want to have a ceiling? Gypsum line can not be used to glue on the tile, or switch to other materials, the corners to solve the problem? Question added: with PVC or wood lines, and then take the structure of glue can? Above the stitch is very narrow, the amount of the widest also 1 cm ~ ~ ~ ~ more
Your mistake is that the restaurant wall is no need to be tiled. The walls of this space are different from the kitchen or the bathroom. This common sense you do not have, now cause a problem. What kind of angle is not enough, are enough ugly. Technically can not handle. The only way to deal with only: the use of 20 U-shaped white steel buckle, the grass-roots needs of small wooden bottom, the carpentry will do, white steel buckle the surface to protrude wall brick 2MM, which is the technical requirements of the seams.
Q:Wind and fire to ride the building materials market to buy tiles is not so difficult
Choose to choose to eventually did not have their own satisfaction, and the most tragic than the choice of tiles did not reach their own expectations, not the size of the wrong, that is, the style does not take, even in quality problems
Q:I recently do business at the factory, do not understand the door, and what the door is what is not clear. And no one taught me, ask a big god pointing one or two. Now as long as I can from the appearance of a point can be on the line
So its price is more expensive than steel security door

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