Enameled copper clad aluminum wire

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Product Description:


Enameled copper clad aluminum wire/electrical wire roll
3.Has CU and AL's virtue

Enameled copper clad aluminum wire/ electrical wire roll

Product Description

1. ECCA wire heat resistance grades

  130  (B level)  

   155   (F level)

   180   (H level)

2. ECCA wire performance features:

(1) Polyurethane type, has good direct solering performance and can be painted with different colors.

(2) ECCA wire has copper wire's good electric conductivity but cheaper than copper wire.

(3) ECCA wire has aluminum wire's advantages of small density and light weight ( just 40% of copper enameled wire, and the length in each unit weight can reach 2.5-2.7 times than copper enameled wire. By using this material, the production cost can be reduced by 30% above).

(4) Here is 0.25mm ECCA wire, polyurethane type test report for your reference.

3. ECCA wire main application:

(1) For the winding that demands light weight, high conductivity and good heat dissipation , especially for the high frequency signal transmission winding.

(2) High frequency transformer, common transformer, electric induction coil.

(3)  Motor that needs higher environmental requirements such as household electrical, all kinds of micro motor, compressor and so on.

4. ECCA wire supply scope:


    SWG15-40 gauge

   AWG13-36 gauge

  (thin paint film, thick paint film, paint film requested by clients)

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