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Product: PVC coated iron wire

Material: low carbon wire

usage: Industry, agriculture, construction, binding

PVC coated iron wire offers excellent corrision resistance and anti-aging property and longer service life compare with common galvanized iron wire. Different colors available for customers choice s another benefit of PVC coated wire.

PVC coated wire
Wire DiameterBWG10-24  0.5MM-3.5MM
Tensile strength30-70kg/mm2
Elongation Rate10%-25%
Packing0.1-800kg/coil,plastic inside and hassian outside/ weave outside
Optional Information
HS Code7217200000 Wire of Iron or Non-alloy Steel
PaymentL/C or T/T
LoadingTianjin port
Minimum Order20 Ton

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Q:My house decoration, I like gypsum decoration line, and like to use the curtain box. But the use of wooden boxes and gypsum stick to it. Would like to ask, what other materials to create curtains, especially with gypsum connected? More
If you can connect with the gypsum line is best to do dark curtain box, also known as hidden curtain box, no box, bracket and slide directly connected with the wall, both beautiful and harmonious unity. Curtain box materials are generally wooden, the last brush like the color of the paint, PVC material can be done, the color is relatively simple. The following is a hidden curtain box shape can refer to.
Q:Do not say what 300 or so, I know that is more than . but more than 300? 310? Or 320? Or 330? More
According to the situation in previous years, the school can be about 300 and mentor tea, but at least 310 was stable
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Q:There is no easy to understand the name of the building materials online store
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Q:What is the meaning of EPS ah, know the help ah!
EPS decorative lines are produced by the Lutai Industry and Trade B1 grade polystyrene as the main body, paste the alkali-resistant glass mesh cloth, to a special anti-cracking mortar outer protective layer compound Not affected by temperature changes, cold, heat; not affected by moisture and acid rain EPS decorative lines can fire and will not issue toxic substances, is environmentally friendly high-quality decorative building materials products EPS decorative lines using computer numerical control cutting, making fast, variety models, such as lines, Roman column, window cover, brackets, etc, can be installed in the window on the four sides, the door, eaves and walls; More beautiful, more architectural designers to bring new,
Q:What is the material of the threading tube And PVC the same?
Different. Polycarbonate is a common material. Because of its colorless transparency and excellent impact resistance, daily common applications are CDs, glasses, water bottles, bulletproof glass, goggles, bank anti-bullet glass, headlights, etc., animal cage pet cage and so on. Polycarbonate PC is also a kind of material used in the notebook computer shell, its raw material is oil, after the polyester chip processing plant has become a polyester chip particles, and then processed by the plastic factory has become a finished product, from a practical point of view , Its thermal performance than ABS plastic is better, more uniform dispersion of heat. The use of this material is more significant is FUJITSU, and in many models are used in this material, but also the whole shell are using this material. Whether from the surface or from the touch of feeling, PC-GF material feels like metal. If the laptop does not identify the words, just look from the outside surface is not careful to observe, may think it is alloy. Polycarbonate is also used to make moonlight astronauts helmets. Apple's iPod music player and ibook laptop shell are also made using polycarbonate. Because of its clarity and toughness, producers and purchasers of food stores like polycarbonate fibers. When compared with silica glass, polycarbonate fibers are as lightweight and highly friable. Polycarbonate fiber is used for disposable plastic water bottles and heavy plastic bottles. Chemical properties of polycarbonate resistant acid, resistant to neutral oil. Polycarbonate is not resistant to ultraviolet light, intolerant alkali.
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Q:How does the line strain of the bar in the material mechanics be calculated? The What is the connection with the elongation?
Ε = lim (Δs / Δx) Δs is the amount of elongation Δx tends to zero
Q:What are the differences between the eight different colors of the wire in the material?
The material is the same A and B standard is not the same as to facilitate access to external network If you only group network is not connected to the external network can be in accordance with your method to order a standard In fact, so the network connection with your connection is not The same can not and others connected to the fact that the line inside only four lines useful other is redundant

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