Prestress Indented Wire

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Prestress Indented Wire

Quick Details
Steel Grade: 30MnSi Standard: GB,JIS Wire Gauge: 6.1MM- 11MM
Place of Origin: Tianjin China (Mainland) Type: Drawn Wire Application: Construction
Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy Special Use: Free Cutting Steel Model Number: Plain, Helical rib
Black: Green

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: inside, with 8 metal bands tie the strand up. outside, nylon papers with metal bands

pc steel bar
Standard: JISG3137-1994; GB/T5223.3-2005; KSD 3505
Weight: 500kg - 2500kg

Size:6.1mm; 7.1mm; 7.4mm; 8.3mm; 9.2mm; 10.7mm; 11.1mm

Material: 30MnSi; 45Si2Cr


The PC steel bar is mainly used for building industry, it is the main steel material in pipe pile foundation, has high strength, low usage of metallic material, convenience usage and the quality was easily promised. It has a extensive usage building industry.

Q:Workshop to use raw materials, use is to debug the production line, how to do the account?
This look at your company to do the system ah, or do manual, in fact, do the system can do R & D costs out of the library, and now consumption, you can do the production of consumption ah, call your sister's head to sign ok
Q:What is the material in the building where the drawings reflected in the drawings?
In the plan, the blocks and the walls of the shear wall are not the same. In the section and the big sample, you can see the difference between the different materials, the concrete, the reinforced concrete is generally the difference between the two. , Awning, some processes, the practice of different, can see it
Q:National line is . HKUST is . which is considered high? Why a lot of people not on the HKUST? Because the re-test was brush it? As if the re-test is 1.2: 1 ah, not a lot of people brush ah more
In the large review is difficult, the number of each professional enrollment is also very few, Paul research people super
Q:Is it wallpaper? And then there are two lines above the line to do the same as a part of the door is made with the above? Big brothers who help me explain the big sister, thank you more
Which is made of multi-layer, the outside is gypsum cut open to do, take the whole board, nail on the release of two or three corners on the line,
Q:My restaurant wall tile, because the level of the ceiling do not want to ceiling, it is intended to cover the tiles with tiles and roof cracks. But today after the carpentry saw the tile can not stick plaster line, need to ceiling. Do you really want to have a ceiling? Gypsum line can not be used to glue on the tile, or switch to other materials, the corners to solve the problem? Question added: with PVC or wood lines, and then take the structure of glue can? Above the stitch is very narrow, the amount of the widest also 1 cm ~ ~ ~ ~ more
Do the ceiling is good, but the cost is too high, gypsum line health is not good for a long time to change color, I suggest you do not use lines. Above the sewing can be a flat. Do the same color as the roof.
Q:Home bedroom are posted on the wallpaper, as early as the design staff and said home wall stickers, wall design staff can be asked to paste the wallpaper workers to stick to the wallpaper. After finishing the wallpaper, always feel the strange roof of the bedroom, and later found that decoration workers forget the top angle, and ugly. Is it not the process of decoration? Now has finished the wallpaper, and I still miss the top of the line how to do But also the final tranche of the decoration did not give three, really can not be reconciled! Little companions, help me out of ideas. More
Stick wallpaper on the wall, no vertex line is not good looking. Your situation, and now only use wood materials to do the top angle, the paint can be muddy water paint, it can be clear water paint, this depends on your door and the door is what kind of paint, the same style on the line. Paint the first brush in the next, and then let the carpentry drill up to install, and then by the paint to repair nail, seams and other treatment. The top angle directly on the wallpaper, the top of the mouth of the mouth so that the paint repair the gap, and finally with the glass gel to do closed treatment (including the mouth). This time to increase the top angle line, should not use gypsum lines, because the installation of gypsum lines will pollute the wallpaper.
Q:Why the most used building materials in Notre Dame are masonry and wood
is a Gothic architectural form, it built all the use of stone, which is characterized by tall and straight, magnificent, the whole building solemn harmony
Q:Does the Trade and Industry Bureau classify the wire and cable as a building material?
Wire and cable is a building materials, wire and cable use different classification is also different: 1. Wire and cable in the construction process is the installation of materials. 2. Pure material category belongs to the electrical category, the socket used in the cable belongs to the electrician, sub-weak and strong electricity. Figure: Material: Electrical cable:
Q:Wind and fire to ride the building materials market to buy tiles is not so difficult
Choose to choose to eventually did not have their own satisfaction, and the most tragic than the choice of tiles did not reach their own expectations, not the size of the wrong, that is, the style does not take, even in quality problems
Q:What are the main types of paper gypsum board on the market now? For example, there are pure gypsum board, desulfurization gypsum board, phosphogypsum board, what is the difference between them? The more detailed the better Oh
4 million US dollars / households Currently the best market is Jieke and Lafarge, are the French building materials giant, Jie Ke is the world's first brand sales, Lafarge history is relatively long Natural gypsum purity of 83% of the highest, natural gypsum contains a certain amount of minerals, there may be some harmful heavy metals, with natural gypsum made of gypsum plaster to do more than desulfurization gypsum Phosphogypsum is also a natural gypsum, but the industry rumors that phosphogypsum will be carcinogenic to the human body, to be verified

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