Galvanized Wire,Wire Galvanized High tensile strength

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Product Description:

Galvanized Wire, Wire Galvanized

1.Material: 45,65,70, 72A, 72B, 82B, 65Mn

2. Surface Coating: Galvanized

3. Characteristic: High tensile strength,small tolerance

                             Shiny surface, good corrosion prevention
4. Packing type:Spool; Coil

5. Application: Being used for stranded conductors in overhead power circuitry
6. Remarks during use and handling:

a. During transportation, handle softly and carefully, avoid bumping and damaging the steel wires. Moisture and rain prohibited. Steel wires must be stored in dry and well ventilated indoors
b. Pay attention to the direction of steel wires when paying-off. Be sure the spools or coilis rotationg freely as to achieve identical tension of all the steel wires

c.  In case of batch usage, the remaining should be repacked to avoid oxidizing of the surface to guarantee coating  


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