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Anti-static floor which sub-project
I was doing this project
How to choose the anti-static floor of the room?
According to the actual needs to choose. 1, if the floor below the need for alignment and air supply, you must use anti-static activities of the floor. And then choose according to the cost of the type of activities used in the floor, in general, low-grade full of steel floor (ie, melamine and PVC surface layer) and wood-based floor, the price of about two square square; mid-range anti-static ceramic Composite base, ceramic steel base, calcium sulfate floor, the price of three or four hundred; high-grade aluminum floor, the price of more than a thousand. The room uses anti-static ceramic steel and steel floor more. 2, if the use of cable frame, it is only necessary to use anti-static straight shop floor, straight shop floor, there are anti-static tiles and anti-static PVC flooring. Room with anti-static tiles is better, long life, easy to clean.
What is anti-static floor? Where do I need to install anti-static floor?
You are happy decoration is pleased to answer your questions! Anti-static floor, also known as conductive floor, because people walking and floor friction will produce static electricity, charged ions will be on the floor surface of the dust in the air to attract, for the computer room, electronic plant and other units will have a certain impact. Conductive floor is the floor is conductive, the floor contains conductive fibers, the floor in the construction of the floor to lay copper foil, copper foil to be connected to the underground buried conductor, so that the floor of the static electricity directly into the earth, which is the floor without static ions , Floor laying to use conductive glue laying. Scope: 1. Sector: anti-static elevated floor is mainly used in computer room, data processing center, laboratory, microwave communication station room, program-controlled telephone exchange room, mobile communications room, satellite ground station room, radio control room, Taiwan control room, broadcast control room, monitoring room, the central control room. 2. Microelectronics industry: anti-static products in the microelectronics industry has a wide range of applications for the use of electronic components, semiconductors, electronic products and large-scale assembly, large-scale integrated circuit clean room, to avoid the human body in the workshop to produce Static electricity. Control of electrostatic discharge against the two indecent assortment tai Tai Chun computer communication, all kinds of electronic equipment and electrostatic sensitive devices to prevent the computer memory and internal damage to electronic equipment. 3. Other applications: for static-sensitive arms, flammable and explosive places and petrochemical workshop and hospital operating room, anesthesia room, oxygen bar and other places with anti-static requirements.
The ground to do anti-static dust, painted with epoxy paint, or with anti-static floor paste? That is affordable
Of course it is good to put the floor.
Anti-static activities of the floor by which the map set
I do not know the practice is the standard production standards or construction requirements?
Is the insulation floor and the anti - static floor the same thing?
Anti-static floor is insulated floor, insulated floor is not necessarily anti-static
How to remove the clothes static, so that clothes do not close
This is no way, had to buy a good point, anti-static clothes
Do you have a grounding grid for your own anti-static floor?
The use of the floor of the machine floor of the ground floor of the use of the floor below the trace of grams of Yao Yao long-chiun super-magic copper plate on the line, the room lightning protection grounding, anti-static grounding, equipment, metal shell grounding and so on the use of the bus, the formation of the engine room Local equipotential, and then the bus with the machine room of the local equipotential bonding terminal can be connected.