Black Annealed Iron Binding Wire for Construction

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Item specifice

Iron Wire
Cross Sectional Shape:
Construction Wire Mesh
U Type Wire,Loop Tie Wire
Wild in Width:
Surface Treatment:
Metal Wire Drawing:
Cold Drawing
In Hard State
Metal Thick Wire

Black Annealed iron binding wire

*Wire guage of black binding wire : BWG8#-36#

*material of black annealed binding wire : Low carbon iron wire

*Wire packing: 5-50kg/roll

*Annealed Steel Wire, mostly written as soft annealed wire, annealed iron wire or just annealed wire. This kind of steel wire offers excellent flexibility and softness due to its oxygen free annealing process.

*Features of black annealed wire: High strength, excellent anti-corrosion property, good preventing and anti-radiating property

 Our annealed wire products are mostly used as tie wire or material for weaving wire mesh.                                    

Gage No.       
















































Black Annealed Iron Binding Wire for Construction

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go to auto zone or wal-mart or advance auto parts and buy the wiring kit for your car. they have them for just about every car made these days. cost like 10-15 bucks, and is a simple install.

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