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What does the quot;Hstand for in quot;AWG 34Hwire?Also, would Heavy Poly Nylon magnetic wire be considered enameled?
Magnet wire is often called varnished or enameled, but it is actually insulated with a thin coating of insulating material designed specifically for the purpose. I assume that heavy poly nylon material is one of those materials. The H is probably the temperature class of the insulation. Class H insulation is rated to operate at up to 180 degrees C. Edit 1 The H could also stand for heavy as in the heavy build or double build terminology used to describe thicker than standard insulation. It is part of a specific manufacturer's catalog number rather than a part of the American Wire Gauge (AWG) designation. Manufacturer's sell many different varieties of magnet wire. The manufacturer's literature and NEMA or IEC standards provide details regarding the insulation materials used and the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the wire.
I'd like to know what quot;wiremeans when it refers to computers. Is it the computer itself or the Internet?
It is incorrectly used for computers unless one is setting it up, since computers are, of course, wireless.
i need to know which wire is which in a 1999 dodge stratus for the cars stereo
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Is it better to have a wireless internet connection or a wired connection for my ps3 online games?
Wired always provides more consistent performance, regardless if you're playing on the PSN or surfing the web.
how do I wire the generator so it can spin 360 on the pole with out snapping the wires.... Thanks
You need some ring contacts and brushes that will be touching those rings that will be spinning while the generator does to complete a circuit without twisting wires. Make sure you get the right size rings and wire for the amount of current
i have a black, red, and yellow wires in my trunk for a stereo system.i hear about this remote wire being blue (i have a sub/amp that needs a remote wire, ground, and battery) but i dont know which is which and where to put what.please help
ok hopefully you have a test light. take your test light and put in into a wire under your dash and see if the light comes on. if it does not turn your truck till it's in the run possition and see if the light come on. if it does tap into that wire for the amp turn on. remember you want no power when the truck is off and power when it's on or your battery will go dead when the truck sits! the red is battery the yellow is a key on power wire(you can use that one for the amp turn on if you wanted) and the black is ground.
How can I investigate the resistance of wire and how it changes with the length of the wireCheers
If you don't have a multimeter, you can probably see the effect of resistance with a flashlight bulb and a small battery (AA or AAA, etc). Get a spool of wire, needs to be coated/insulated wire. Connect the bulb to the battery with the shortest wire possible. See how bright the bulb is. Then, connect again using the entire spool of wire (hopefully you can get at both ends of the wire while it is still on the spool). The bulb will be dimmer because the voltage at the bulb will be reduced by the resistance of the wire (resistivity per unit length X the length of wire). If the length of wire on the spool is too long, the bulb will not light up at all.
just bought a brinks indoor motion sensor switch and having problems installing. the regular light switch has 2 black wires that was connected to one end and a red to the other. the white wires in the wall are already together. the motion sensor switch has black, blue, red wires and its ground wire. the instructions says not to use the red wire for single switch so confused on how to wire them.
There should not be a independent conductor on the change; or, are you checking this for the circuit on the panelboard? Or, do you propose you're analyzing 40 5 Volts between the ungrounded (warm) conductor and the change-leg? you ought to no longer get any modern analyzing from the change-leg whilst the change is opened. If there is modern modern, the change is undesirable. in case you have become a analyzing between the independent (the grounded conductor) and floor on the easy container, that must be the consequence of a multi-twine community, the place the independent is shared between 2 opposite circuits. The independent will carry any unbalanced load between the two circuits. because of fact of this you ought to by no potential assume the independent no longer wearing any modern circulate. attempt changing the change. purchase one that doesn't grant any lower back-stab connections, as they are additionally the source of many issues. If the priority extends previous that, my suggestion, as continuously, is to call a qualified, authorized electrician.