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any wire, unless it is very long or very thin, will measure zero ohms on an ordinary ohmmeter. But check for continuity does not completely check a cable. Most cables have several conductors in them, so you need to check each one end to end, and check resistance between the wires. Between them, it should measure open or infinite ohms. But the cable could still be bad. Tell us the details please. .
I need to use quot;insulated copper wireor quot;enamel covered copper wirefor a project...I used normal copper wire and obviously it failed. Can this be like normal copper wire with plastic/rubber coating around it, similar to electrical wire? Or is it something special?
Enamel covered usually means magnet wire, the enamel insulation is super thin, all but invisible, this is used for making very tight windings where the packing of the windings produces strong magnetic fields, or strong emf response to changes in magnetic field, and the voltage difference between adjacent windings is low enough to allow this type of wire. There are sources for magnet wire on the internet, and Radio Shack sells Three Packs of 3 commonly used gauges of magnet wire.
Help me, please! I have an old air conditioning system...made in 1985, and the condenser fan went out. Long story short, I bought a new fan and I don't know how to hook it up. The old fan had 4 wires coming out of it: purple, black, green, and brown. The green is the ground and the brown and the purple went to the capacitor, black to power. Then there were two smaller black wires attached to the capacitor and they lead out to other components. My new fan has a green wire, a white wire, a black wire, a brown wire and a brown and white striped wire. My problem is this: I don't know where to attach the white wire or what to do with the two smaller black wires that were attached to the old capacitor. I was told by the gentleman who sold me the fan that I splice the white wire to purple wire - then do I hook that to the capacitor? What do I do with the two smaller black wires that lead out to other components??? (Cap them off???) I am confused and need some advice!
You should send it to a qualified service agent. Air conditioners use the coolant as a lubricant for moving parts. Replacing a fan may look easy buy I believe there is a degree of calibration to consider. Especially with an AC unit from 1985.
I'm trying to wire a Sony L410X stereo to my 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500. I don't want to use a wiring harness, so I'm trying to figure out how to splice the wires together. I don't know how to hook the power wires up correctly. Obviously hooking the speakers up will be easy. I've tried looking at the wiring diagram but it seems like on the stereo system diagram it's positive and negative whereas the truck wiring is not identifying the negative wiring, just 12v+ Constant and 12v+ Switching. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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The drawing shows two long, straight wires that are suspended from the ceiling. The mass per unit of length of each wire is 0.050kg/m. Each of the four strings suspending the wires has a length of 1.2m. When the wires carry identical currents in opposite directions, the angel between the strings holding the two wires is 15 degrees. What is the current in each wire?? Im not sure what equations to use for this problem.
You need two basic equation: 1° Force acting on conductor in magnetic field: F = B I λ ..........(1) where B is magnetic field (also called magnetic induction) I is current λ is length of wire 2° Magnetic field near straight wire carrying current I B = μo I / (2πd) ..........(2) where d is distance from the wire μo is the magnetic permeability constant of vacuum (approx. same for air) μo= 4π*10^-7 Tm/A When there are two parallel wires on distance d carrying currents I1 and I2, each of them produce magnetic field causing forces acting on wires. Magnetic field from second wire creates force on first wire: F1 = B2 * I1 * λ Magnetic field from first wire creates force on second wire: F2 = B1 * I2 * λ These forces are equal in magnitude: F = μo I1 I2 λ / (2πd) ..........(3) When currents flow in same direction forces are attractive, and for opposite direction forces are repulsive. When I1=I2, F = μo I? λ / (2πd) ..........(4) Each wire, suspended on strings, decline from vertical position for angle θ=15°/2 = 7.5°, so that the angle between the strings holding the two wires is 2θ=15°. We find F from condition of static equilibrium of torques (relative to point where strings are attached to ceiling): F L cos θ = G L sin θ ..........(5) where G is weight of wire; G = m'gλ where m' is the mass per unit of length of each wire. L is length of strings from (5) we get relation F = G tan θ ..........(6) or F = m' g λ tan θ ..........(7) and from (4) and (7) : μo I? λ / (2πd) = m' g λ tan θ ..........(8) λ on both sides cancels, and we find current I as I = √(2 π d m' g tan θ / μo) ..........(9) You didn't say if there was some initial distance between wires, so we'll assume they are suspended in same points. In that case d = 2L sinθ ..........(10) and finally I = 2 √(π L m' g sinθ tan θ / μo) ..........(11) I = √[1.2 * 0.05 * 9.81 * sin 7.5° * tan 7.5° / 10^-7 ] I = 318.034 A
I don't like wiring nuts because I always feel like it's not a solid connection, like it could come out.
Install the wire nut then pull on each wire to check that it is secure. there are alternate approved devices to connect wires. Crimp connectors like butt splices, split bolts, terminal strips. Any or all of these might be used in a situation.
If I have wired my 20 amp kitchen receptacles with 12/2 wire which only has a red, black, and ground wire, do I use the red wire for a neutral and the black as a hot?
You deffinatly need to put white tape on that red wire and to make it known as being a neutral.... The black wire is always going to be a hot in receptacle circuits...
Does Frost Wire have virus
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