wire mesh stainless steel in heavy duty

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heavy duty wire mesh stainless steel


Chemical composition of stainless steel wire:




Chemical Composition(%)
















Stainless Steel Hard Wire

Use: steel rope , steel brush, spring , stapler, etc.

Size: from 0.05mm to 5mm


Soft stianless steel wire

Use: Knitted wire mesh, weaving wire mesh, filtration mesh,  high pressure pipe

Size: from 0.07mm -0.60mm




Deviation (mm)


Tolerance (mm)

Max.Deviation (mm)


























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Q:What type of welding machine is needed for 0.3 mm thick stainless steel welding? Hand welding. Do you need a wire feeder?
Manual tungsten arc welding, manual wire feeding, no wire feeder.Of course, different argon arc welding wire. Automatic argon tungsten arc welding. Large scale production can be considered.
Q:What type of argon arc welding wire is used in 1Cr13 stainless steel?
Argon arc welding generally uses H0Cr14 or H1Cr13. Sometimes austenitic steel wires are also selected to improve weldability.1Cr13+Q235B belongs to dissimilar steel welding, H0Cr20Ni10 welding wire is usually used.
Q:The difference between brushed stainless steel and mirror stainless steel
Brushed stainless steel refers to: stainless steel surface like filamentous texture, this is only a stainless steel processing technology.
Q:Is the water heater hose braided with stainless steel wires or with a PPR pipe?
Now on the market sales of steel wire braided hose, the inner tube is black rubber tube, the quality of general. And a plastic hose, better than the former. Stainless steel bellows are of high quality, but higher in price.
Q:Which kind of stainless steel welding wire is good? Is there any special regulation?
Welding wire for stainless steelThe composition of welding wire to be consistent with the welding of stainless steel welding into chromium stainless steel, using HoCr14 H1Cr13 H1Cr17 welding wire; chromium nickel stainless steel, using H0Cr19Ni9 HoCr19Ni9 HoCr19Ni9Ti wire;
Q:What raw materials can be used to improve elasticity of stainless steel wire?
In many industrial applications, stainless steel can provide satisfactory corrosion resistance. According to the experience, in addition to mechanical failure, the corrosion of stainless steel is mainly manifested in a serious form of corrosion of stainless steel is local corrosion (i.e. stress corrosion cracking, pitting corrosion, intergranular corrosion, crevice corrosion and corrosion fatigue). The failure cases caused by these local corrosion accounts for more than half of the failure cases. In fact, many failure accidents can be avoided by reasonable selection.
Q:0.1mm stainless steel wire how butt welding, what equipment is more solid welding?
Buy a touch welding machine on the line, and 1 of them can be welded together, 0.1 of the certainly no problem.
Q:Is brushed stainless steel harmful to the body?
The substrate is harmful, on the one hand, on the other hand is drawing in scratching the surface of stainless steel, it will make the stainless steel surface burrs, although not too obvious, but in the use of the process there will be some loss of human skin, the body is not good, in addition, the residual stainless steel debris will also on the human body harmful
Q:How can I screw the stainless steel tube?
Self screws can be, is a bit slippery, unlike the iron pipe on some good moments
Q:M5 stainless steel screws are broken in the hole. They can not be drilled and punched by guns. How can I remove them?
Screw: screw (foreign name: Screw), is the use of object slope, circular rotation and friction of physics and mathematical principles, step by step to tighten the tool parts of the tool. A screw is a general term for fasteners. Screws are indispensable to daily necessities: tiny screws used in cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, etc.;

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