BMT Z35 Rolled Prepainted Steel Coil for Construction

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BMT Prepainted Rolled Steel Coil is a kind of coated steel coil/sheet.

With the cold rolled steel of different strength and thickness as substrate, it is produced through applying Zn coating on both faces by hot dip process.

Its surface has bright silver color and regular embossed-like figure, which are highly decorative. 


Specifications of BMT Z35 Rolled Prepainted Steel Coil for Construction 


BMT Prepainted Rolled Steel Coil for Construction

Material Grade

SGCC / SGCH / DX51D+AZ, etc






Thickness: +/-0.02mm , Width:+/-2mm




Raw material: Hot rolled steel coil > Cold rolled>hot dipped galvalume


Dried, Chromated, Unoiled


Regular spangle , small spangle, zero spangle



Coil weight

25MT max

Export package

Cardboard inner sleeves, Waterproof paper, galvanized steel covered and steel strip packed



Structure of BMT Z35 Rolled Prepainted Steel Coil for Construction



Main Feature of BMT Z35 Rolled Prepainted Steel Coil for Construction

1.Corrosion resistance: It mainly depends on the aluminum protection. When the zinc being worn, the aluminum will  form a dense layer of aluminum oxide, resist corrosion material to prevent further corrosion inside. 
2. Heat reflective: Galvanized steel plate heat-reflective high rate is twice as galvanized steel, often used to make insulation materials. 
3. Economy: Because density of 55% AL-Zn is smaller than the density of Zn, so in the same weight and thickness of Galvanized zinc layer, aluminum-zinc steel plate is larger area more than 3% of galvanized steel sheet.  


Applications of BMT Z35 Rolled Prepainted Steel Coil for Construction
1. Construction and building: roofing; ventilating duct; handrail; partition panel

2. Electric appliance: refrigerator; washing machine; refrigerator..

3. Transportation: oil tank; gas tank; road sign; etc.
4. Agriculture:barn; etc.

5. Others: vending machine; game machine; etc.  

Q:My boyfriend says he has balls of steel.
yes, he had to sew special underwear for himself so he can support his steel balls; like a bra for down there.
Yes, steel coils can be coated with PVC. PVC coating provides added protection against corrosion and increases durability and longevity of the steel coils.
There are several different coil edge options available, including open coil, continuous coil, offset coil, and pocket coil. Each type of coil edge offers unique features and benefits. Open coil edges are interconnected and provide a durable and supportive foundation. Continuous coil edges are made from a single piece of wire and offer enhanced stability and motion isolation. Offset coil edges have an hourglass shape for improved contouring and pressure relief. Pocket coil edges consist of individual fabric-encased coils that move independently, offering personalized support and minimizing motion transfer. Ultimately, the choice of coil edge depends on personal preferences and desired sleeping experience.
Steel coils are measured for thickness using a device called a micrometer or a thickness gauge. The micrometer is pressed against the coil's surface, and the measurement is displayed on its calibrated scale, providing an accurate reading of the steel coil's thickness.
Household appliances rely heavily on steel coils, which are essential for their production. These coils, crafted from high-quality steel, are vital in providing the necessary strength and durability needed for manufacturing various appliances. One key application of steel coils in household appliances is their use in constructing the appliance's body or frame. These coils are shaped and molded into the desired structure, creating a robust foundation for the appliance. This ensures that the appliance can endure daily usage and remain intact for an extended period of time. Furthermore, steel coils are also employed in manufacturing different components within household appliances. For instance, refrigerators and air conditioners utilize steel coils in their condenser and evaporator coils, which are responsible for the heat exchange process. These coils enable efficient cooling or heating, guaranteeing optimal performance of the appliance. Moreover, steel coils find application in producing appliance interiors, such as oven racks, dishwasher baskets, and laundry machine drums. The strength and resistance provided by the steel coils help these components withstand heavy loads and repeated use, enhancing the overall longevity and reliability of the appliance. Additionally, steel coils contribute to the aesthetic appeal of household appliances. They can be shaped, molded, and coated to achieve various finishes, colors, and textures, enhancing the visual attractiveness of the appliance and making it more appealing to consumers. In conclusion, steel coils are indispensable in the manufacturing of household appliances as they provide strength, durability, and resilience to the structure, components, and interiors of these appliances. They play a crucial role in ensuring the performance, reliability, and longevity of these appliances, making them an integral part of the manufacturing process.
Warehouses employ various methods to store steel coils, taking into account factors such as coil size and weight, available space, and resources. Here are some commonly utilized techniques: 1. Block stacking: Coils are stacked directly on top of one another in a block formation. Typically, they are arranged in rows and columns, with wooden or rubber blocks inserted between layers to maintain stability and prevent damage. 2. Racking systems: Racks are frequently employed to store steel coils efficiently. These systems encompass different types of racks, such as cantilever racks, coil racks, and structural racks. They provide an organized framework for storing and accessing coils, maximizing space utilization. 3. Coil cradles: Designed specifically for steel coils, coil cradles consist of multiple cradles or saddles that securely hold the coils in place. By stacking these cradles, warehouses can optimize vertical space usage. 4. Coil pads: Coil pads are flat platforms made of materials like wood, rubber, or foam. They are placed on the warehouse floor, serving as a base for directly stacking steel coils. Coil pads distribute the weight evenly while protecting the coils from floor contact damage. 5. Slit coil storage: Specialized storage systems are employed for storing narrower and lighter slit coils. These systems often include racks or shelves equipped with dividers or separators to maintain coil organization and prevent unraveling. It is crucial to observe safety precautions when handling and storing steel coils in warehouses, regardless of the storage method. This entails ensuring proper weight distribution, utilizing appropriate lifting equipment, and adhering to industry-specific guidelines and regulations.
Q:So i downloaded Broken Steel DLC for Fallout 3 for the 360. My guy is on the level where you have to activate the purifier and when i beat it. It was the normal ending that brought me back to the main menu. My friend said you have to find some guy to talk to but i don't think thats it. Please Help. P.S. i never got and conformation in-game about the download but its under the download sub menu at the main menu.
Try Redownloading BS, That should work.
Q:I feel really stupid asking this question but i feel like a put metal/steel strings on my classical guitar how do you tell the difference?
you do NOT want to put steel strings on a nylon string guitar, it will ruin it. It does get a little confusing. With steel strings, all 6 strings are metal. (usually steel, but not always, nickel, copper may be used too) And they use a steel core. with nylon strings, the high 3 strings, are obviously nylon/plastic. the 3 bass strings look metal, but they have a silk type core, with metal wrapped around it. The steel strings have a LOT more tension,, they can break the plastic tuners, beak the nut, pull the top up, and pull the bridge off, If you're not sure yet, have a real music store explain it, not a toy store, or costco or walmart.
Steel coils can contribute to energy performance in buildings by providing insulation and thermal efficiency. The coils are often used in HVAC systems to enhance the heating and cooling processes, thus reducing energy consumption and improving overall energy efficiency. Additionally, steel coils can be used in roofing and cladding systems, providing insulation and helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. By effectively managing heat transfer and reducing energy loss, steel coils play a crucial role in enhancing energy performance in buildings.
Q:My string on my acoustic guitar broke. Can I replace all of my strings with phosphor bronze guitar strings if my guitar has steel strings on them?
Phosphor bronze strings ARE steel strings. Phosphor bronze is the alloy used to wrap the steel core on the bottom four strings (the top two are plain steel). It's probably the commonest wrap material used for steel-string acoustics, and most likely it's what you have now. You can also get 80/20 (brass) if you prefer, or fancy coated strings. All will have the basic steel core and are considered steel strings. If your strings have been on there a while, it is better to replace the entire set. Even if none break, replacement at about 3-month intervals is a good idea as the strings gradually lose their tone.

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