Steel Grain Silo, Grain Bin Food Millet Storage Silo for Sale

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Steel Grain Silo, Grain Bin Food Millet Storage Silo for Sale

Specification for Steel Grain Silo



Quality Standard




Body Plate

By Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Plate,

275-600g/m2 Galvanization

China National Standard with Quality Report


Our Corrugated Steel Plate Production Line is IMPORTED


Bolts and Screws


Hot Dip Galvanized, Taiwan Imported, Strengthened, Max Sealing

Quality Strength Report

Imported from Taiwan





Enforcement Rib Stiffeners


Sidewall stiffeners are manufactured from min. 350 N/mm² tensile high strength steel with zinc coating of 275 g/m². This type of stiffeners easily transit the vertical loads during loading or unloading, environment loads of the silo.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Can be inside or outside rib

Rigorous calculation to meet full silo strength safety





Wind Ring


Hot Dip Galvanized

For additional support for higher wind areas, the wind ring is attached directly to the stiffeners. The rings strengthen the silo providing reinforcement against damaging wind.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Rigorous calculation to meet the anti-wind needs for sea port area or windy area






A standard manhole door is located in the second ring of the silo. Double size door with strong frame and block system.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Easy for the ascendant to inspect and maintenance, ensure the safety of the silo.







 offers both ladders and stairs as outside climbing options. Stairs offer a shallow 8” step that decreases the incline angle for an easier, safer, and more comfortable climb.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Can be installed inside and outside of the silo, Easy for the ascendant to inspect and maintenance, ensure the safety of the silo.


    Inside Ladder


Ladder inside silo, simple vertical or cage type ladder are available for your choice

China National Standard with Quality Report

Processing for Steel Grain Silo

Steel Grain Silo, Grain Bin Food Millet Storage Silo for Sale


1. High precision: Our grain storage silo has international advanced equipment and technology guarantees.

2. High automation: Our grain storage silo can achieve high automation and mechanisation, high productivity, labor-saving.

3. Wide storage: Our grain storage silo has wide storage. Capacity of single silo up to 15,000 tons,

complete function, meet requirement of various customers.

4. Easy maintenance: Our grain storage silo, the standard, interchangeable and universal galvanized steel plates and accessories are convenient for maintenance, easy upgrading of capacity or silo move.

5. Less investment: 20-30% less costs over steel bar concrete silos, greatly saving investment.


Steel Grain Silo, Grain Bin Food Millet Storage Silo for Sale

Steel Grain Silo, Grain Bin Food Millet Storage Silo for Sale

Steel Grain Silo, Grain Bin Food Millet Storage Silo for Sale

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I have one in a storage building behind my house. Some gov't agents came by and told me they would pay me $1000 a month to store it there until the bunker a few miles down the road is ready to receive it. They also said not to tell anyone, so please keep this quiet.
Q:Are Pakistan's nukes in some warehouse or are they in silos ready to fire?
Warehouse? You mean, where anyone could break in and steal them? Unlikely. Ready to fire? You mean, with the General's finger on the button? Also unlikely. What, exactly, is the point of this question?
Q:A cow is tied to a silo with radius by a rope just long enough to reach the opposite side of the silo. Find th?
because of the fact the cow is ties to a rope that's caught at one end, the cow can be able to pass with the rope in a around way. that's the utmost section that the cow can disguise. component to a circle is pi * r^2 because of the fact the dimensions of the rope is 'r' and that's the gap between the cow and the centre of the circle (the fastened element), the radius of this circle is likewise 'r'. as a result, the section that the cow can disguise is pi * r^2 = 3.14 * r^2
Q:Transfering to a college out of state?
Look up NY's 10 general education silos and take as many of them as you can. You have not said what state you are from but the first two years of college is fairly standard.
Q:A grain silo has a cylindrical shape. Its diameter is 16 ft, and its height is 39 ft. What is the volume of?
I believe the answer is 7,841 ft3
Q:math pre algebra help?
The formula for volume is always base times height. Example- A cube. Let's say the dimensions are 6x6x6. the area of the base of the cube would be 36 (6x6). The height is 6, so the volume would be 36 x 6 which is 216. It's often simplified to length x width x height (6x6x6) but it's the same thing. Now a cylinder isn't much different, except the base is a circle. To find the area of the circle you do pi (3.14) x r (radius). Since the given diameter is 15 ft, then the radius is 7.5 ft. Therefore you do 7.5 * 3.14 to find the base. Then multiply the area of the base by the height (33 ft) and there you go!
Q:I need HELP!?
So, the area of the inside of the cylindrical tube will be length of circumference times depths circumference = pi times diameter depth is 50 feet so pi times 16 times 50 or 800 pi But did they want you to include a base, or is the base just soil?
Q:Wanted: Silo?
What you`re looking is typically termed a bin. Silos are generally poured concrete or stacked concrete staves. Locating one?? The only thing that comes to mind is, find a restaurant frequented by farmers for their morning coffee and breakfast. Become a regular and get to know a few of them. Farmers have a very thick grapevine.
Q:how much farther must the person walk to be completely out of the silo's shadow?
Let the distance from the tip of silo's shadow and the man is a feet,Let the 50 feet silo is AB,and the 6 feet man is CD, Let the position of the silo's shadow tip is E, Given AC = 32 feet =>AE = 32 + a =>In triangle ABE:- =>tanE = AB/AE = 50/(32+a) --------(i) =>In triangle CDE:- =>tanE = CD/CE = 6/a ----------(ii) on equating (i) (ii):- => 50/(32+a) = 6/a =>50a = 192 + 6a =>44a = 192 =>a = 192/44 = 4.36 feet is the required answer.
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