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it has a road with women standing on it quot;may be a bridgequot; with a house/black bushes, and a big black looking silo maybe two silos
I think is black and white
Where can I buy medal/pendant of Dominic of Silos?
Have you tried googleing Dominic of Silos jewellery factory outlet?
im writing a book about a zombie apacolipse and i want to know were they are like what cities in the middle of no were
Middle of nowhere. Many are in the upper midwest. And quite a few are on submarines.
How scary is creepyworld in fenton, mo? which includes silo x, grisly's graveyard, tombstone, hornbukels cornfield, and ravens mansion.
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Why does silage not rot, decompose or otherwise spoil in a silo?
This is what I can find on it... Hope it helps..
It is formed by placing a semicircle of diameter 1 on top of a unit square, with the diameter coninciding with the top of the square. what is the radius of the smallest circle that contains the figure?
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A silo(base not included) is to be constructed in teh form of a cylinder with a hemisphere on top. The cost of the construction per square unit of surface area is twice as great for the hemisphere as it is for the cylindrical sidewall. Determine the dimensions to be used if the volume is fixed and the cost of the construction is to be kept at a minimum. Neglect the thickness of the Silo and the waste in construction. I got r=3v/8pi to the 1/3
The volume of the hemisphere is 2/3*pi*r^3, and the volume of the cylinder is pi*r^2*h. 2/3*pi*r^3+pi*r^2*h=V. pi*r^2*h=V-2/3*pi*r^3. h=V/(pi*r^2)-2/3*r. The lateral surface area of the hemisphere is 2*pi*r^2, and the lateral surface area of the cylinder is 2*pi*r*h. A=2*pi*r^2+2*pi*r*h. A=2*pi*r^2+2*pi*r(V/(pi*r^2)-2/3*r). A=2*pi*r^2+2*V/r-4/3*pi*r^2. dA/dr=4*pi*r-2*V/r^2-8/3*pi*r. dA/dr=4/3*pi*r-2*V/r^2. 4/3*pi*r-2*V/r^2=0. 4/3*pi*r=2*V/r^2. 4/3*pi*r^3=2*V. r^3=3/2*V/pi. r=(3V/(2pi))^(1/3). I'm too lazy to figure out the height in terms of V. It would be really nice if they specified what the fixed volume was!
A silo is composed of a hemisphere and a cylinder. The total height of the silo is 50 feet and the diameter of the silo is 16 feet. What is the volume of the silo to the nearest cubic foot? Help me out please? I know all the formulas so you dont have to do work step for step but just give me an overview or a tip on how to do it i can figure the rest out ..buttt an answer would be nice (; thanks so much bye
height of cylinder is 50-8=42 v(c)=pi*8^2*42 v(h)=2/3*pi*8^3 combine