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examples of infrastructure on a dairy farm?would it be fences, sheds, etc? can you please give some other examples as I'm not sure what else would be classified.
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A grain silo is constructed in the shape of a cylinder with hemispherical roof.?The hemisphere and the cylinder have the same radius. The height of the cylinder equals the radius of the cylinder. What is the ratio of the volume of the grain silo to its surface area (as an algebraic expression of the radius) As the radius. volume of cylinder=___________(in terms of pi) Volume of hemisphere =_________(in terms of pi) Total volume of grain silo=_________(in terms of pi) Surface area of the grain silo=__________(in terms of pi) Ratio of Volume to Surface area =___________(this is not a number it's an algebraic expression)
vol of cyl = pi x r^2 x r = pi r^3 vol of hemisphere = 1/2 x 4/3 pi r^3 = 2/3 pi r^3 total vol = 5/3 pi r^3 surface = 1/2 x 4 pi r^2 for hemisphere pi r^2 for floor and 2pir^2 for wall surface = 5 pi r^2 vol/surf = r/3
...the silo roof?WARNING: This question is for math connoisseurs only.
V = (pi r ^2)(h) = (pi (7.5^2)) (15.1) = 2668.3903 f^3
What does the sentence below mean? Thank you very much in advance. 1) The course does not consider the subjects in silos.
i don't know
Whatever happened to crazy old token colored republican Ben Carson? Did he wander into a Trump rally and get lynched?
He's in Egypt overseeing the construction of new grain silos.
It doesn't matter if you read this article or whatev. I jst need common questions you would ask the writer. It jst talks about grain elevator explosions and how they happened. I need help really really badd.thankks(:
Gee, can't that Farmer afford to patch the holes in his Silo's roof?
In the market, the grain silo is in buildings. What does it do? What is it for?
IDK! ^^ I believe its for your wheat! XD I think it turns your wheat into grains then sells it at a higher price
Car wax is to champagne cork, as corn silo is to........?
A crickets' rocking chair.