Stainless Steel Bunk Bed

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Product Description:

Specification of Stainless Steel Bunk Bed

Material:steel tube


Leg:50mm round tube

Main Beam:25*50mm square tube

Branch Tube:25*25mm square tube

Bed for home or school furniture

Production technique:

cold compression,

high-temperature painting

phosphating,deoiling, derusting,

Package of Stainless Steel Bunk Bed:

Foam plastic bags inner,standard export carton outside.or as per your kind request.

Loading quanity:230sets /40’HQ

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Q:How to solve the bed always have sound
Your bed is certainly assembled you pressure four corner junction wriggling. Were two bedstead a bed
Q:how much is a new twin bed?
depending on style, and where you look, anywhere from $100 upwards.
Q:Bed bug steaming question?
steam cleaning, like with a steam shark, or similar product? no. bed bugs are very vulnerable to extreme temperatures, but the entire area would have to be subjected to those conditions. they had something on tv about it not too long ago, the exterminators set the houses thermostat to max, and added additional heat blowers throughout the house and kept the house at like 110 degrees for several hours to kill them, otherwise they will just flee as you clean and go to an area you already steamed Edit: cold will also work, but with summer coming i would think it would be easier to heat then cool :P
Q:guinea pig bedding.?
ok i have a guinea pigs and the guy that sold it to me said its okay to get the ine stuff.... if thats still not okay i would call PetSmart or something and ask them what u should do! Good Luck!
Q:Bed moving?
carpet, rug, area rug, towel. mostly common sense
Q:How do you resolve the head toward the west?
1, the house is north-south direction, of course, the bed should be East-West direction;2 feet, head west, East, night head and face the sun, morning glow, mood is not good?3, Chinese earth, is the East West High low, the macro perspective this is backed by mountains, facing the sea, is the best to;4, the earth rotates from west to East, east to sleep with the rotation of the earth and to the same day, the body upright, blood need to transport more nutrients to the head, head to the west before the real scientific truth; (a Feng Shui rotation of the earth is from the east to the West, ignorant!)5, after the death of the north head is placed in the south direction, there are a few things placed?6, the bed head toward the West sleeps, the foot does not face west, the noodles don't face west, the shoes that take off also don't face west, how to have the meaning of going to the west? If your bedroom has windows that are south, East, or North, consider the front of the bed facing the West
Q:Where could i find this dog bed?
i've seen a bed like this at this dog boutique in la jolla california. I doubt you live around there, but im sure if you go into the city where ever you are, they will have a dog boutique and will have beds like that :)
Q:My side of the bed...?
Q:what do you call this type of bed?
It looks like a sleigh bed to me.
Q:What do you need to pay attention to when buying a leather bed?
In general, the need to buy leather bed carefully, their own economic conditions and their own needs is the most important, be realistic to select the appropriate bed according to their actual situation, after all, is a kind of leather bed is a luxury, when buying, can not freely choose to avoid chaos, sorry.

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