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My tracer face us this question and I am in desperate need of an intelligent mind!!! Here is the problem: A white cylindrical silo has a diameter of 30 feet and a height of 80 feet. A red stripe with a horizontal width of 3 feet is painted on the silo, making 2 complete revolutions around it. What is the area of the stripe in square feet? I got so far into finding the area of the whole cilo, but not sure where to go from there... THANKS FOR READING!
Actually, you don't even need the area of the silo. If it's being painted horizontally, you have a height of 3 Feet. With a diameter of 30 feet. You'd need the circumference which is 2Pi(r). Or 30(Pi) = 94.2 Feet. So the area around being painted would be 94.2 Feet x 3 = 282.6 for 1 revolution. Since you're painting it in 2 complete revolutions, you're painting the same spot twice. So it's just 282.6 Feet.
Does anyone know if you can buy old, unused oil rigs, de-commisioned missle silos, stuff like that; and how $?
you would first need credentials of some kind to prove you wouldn't mess up the structure that would dangerously affect society, and millions of dollars as just the cost of the huge amount of land that those are built on are high.
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He's a douche silo. There's not much you can do until he decides to grow up
The United States is currently investing in a nuclear weapon that is designed to penetrate deep into the ground and destroy underground nuclear missle silos, without causing too much above surface collateral damage or excessive radiation. It is a nuclear weapon that is designed to be an anti-nuclear weapon. WTF? Also, doesn't this mean that we are encouraging nuclear use, by engaging in research in such a weapon? I hate our country sometimes.
It might have made the Soviets expand their arsenal to ensure the survivability of a second-strike capability. It seems likely to have the opposite effect these days. Other countries don't have the combination of technology and economy to build enough missiles to ensure second-stike capability, and putting a modest number of silos in the ground would only be an invitation to have them destroyed. It seems, though, that it's likely to push research into alternative delivery systems of types that we can't defend well. Going from large numbers of older, less precise nuclear weapons to a much smaller number of technologically advanced weapons makes as much sense with the nuclear arsenal as with conventional weapons.
SIlo Gen is my new invention you can find it
Not bad. Now test it out ^_^. See how effective and efficient it is.
in english
a structure for the storage of silage (fodder going through an anaerobic fermentation).
I'm a student photographer looking for old silos to photograph in the eastern CT area or anywhere in RI. Does anyone know where I can find any cool ones? Preferably, I'd like to photograph ones that stand alone (not attached to a barn or anything). Thanks!
interesting ... good luck
I have an old 50 to 60 foot tall silo built from concrete staves with a metal dome roof. Soemone has offer to buy it nut I don't even know its value.
You could try contacting a realtor to see if they may have an idea. If not try your county's tax assesment page to see if they have a value attached to your silo. It'll give you a starting point at least. It sounds like an odd offer, but you never know.