Grain Storage Steel Bins from 5000ton-15000tons

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Grain Storage Steel Bins from 5000ton-15000tons


 Quick Information:

1 Diameter 24m, height 41m 
2 Fast installation, low cost and less manpower



Full Silo Filling Introduction

By adopting new type grain arrangement device, to make corns, rice, soybean meal or other materials to fill the silo to the maximum extent while alleviating automatic grading. Crushing reducing device is also adopted to ensure the material quality.



Clear silo discharging

By adopting silo vibrating discharging equipments, to solve the discharging problem of large flat bottom silo. At the same time, our discharging solution solves arch, bridging problems of soybean meal, vegetable seed meal, rice husk and other materials, and discharging problems caused by soybean harden. The energy consumption of our discharging equipments is 50% lower than thatof the sweep auger of the same output. The silo basic cost is 40% lower than that of the cone bottom silo of the same diameter.


Excellent heat insulation effect

By adopting coldbridge-free heat insulation technology, the thermal conductive area of our 10,000-ton silo is only 0.18m2, which is 2% of that of the heat insulation silo of other enterprises.


Excellent structure quality

Our silo elements are manufactured through professional production line. The standard is high and the quality is stable. The elements are optimizing designed to strengthen the safety of silo. The element material are all high strength hot galvanized with galvanized quantity 275g/m2 to ensure the long service life of silo.



Grain Storage Steel Bins from 5000ton-15000tons

Grain Storage Steel Bins from 5000ton-15000tons

Grain Storage Steel Bins from 5000ton-15000tons


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Syloe? Pronounced silo? Like a grain storage unit? Not an attractive name.
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Make it from 1 x 3s or lumber according to the size (width) you need. The attch some 1 x 4s to the back to hold it together. Paint it barn red. Then paint some other boards white for the trim. Fo silos, cut 2 pieces of plywood to the diameter you want. For each silo, use firring strips or 2 x 4s (depending on how sturdy you want it) cut to the height you want. Place at least 12-16 around the outer edge of the pieces of plywood and screw or nail together.
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Q:If the barn is approx. 5 ft. from the center of the silo, what is the capacity of the silo in cubic ft. ?
Can't visualize this at all. If the silo is cylinder shaped, how can it have a flat rectangular face? There are no flat rectangular faces in a cylinder! Please clarify
Q:how we calculate the grain's qty inside the silo?
Remember the air between grains. I would suggest using weight as the form of measure. You can easily return that to volume if necessary. Look, think - the answer you are seeking varies depending on whether the grain has settled or not - a big difference. Also humidity. And grain type. There are too many changing variables (well, 3 here...). Small differences become big on a scale such as you describe.
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They don't have Nukes.
Q:if you dump something large into a corn filled silo; will it sink or float?
The size is not what matters. Corn in a silo can act like a liquid (like quicksand) so it is the density of the object that determines sinking vs floating. Of course if it is shaped like a boat, it will be more likely to float like a boat.

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