Grain Bin Grain Steel Silos in Small Capacity

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Product Description:

Grain Bin Grain Steel Silos in Small Capacity 


Quick Information

1 Bolted type heat insulation steel silo 
2 Advanced heat insulation technology 
3 Fast installation, low cost and less manpower 




flat bottom / hopper bottom


hot galvanized steel

Auxiliary system

-Loading and unloading system

-grain cleaning system

-ventilation system

-Temperature monitoring system

-Level indicating

-Lightening proctection system


-Turkey basis

-standardization componet

-full silo filling

-clear silo discharging

  1. excellent heat insulation technology

  2. Easy Maintenance


--grain project storage and turnover

--Large grain depot storage and turnover

--Port / logstics storage




Grain Bin Grain Steel Silos in Small Capacity

Grain Bin Grain Steel Silos in Small Capacity

Grain Bin Grain Steel Silos in Small Capacity

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Click on Buildings in the lower right; they are on the Resources page. The number of silos you can have is limited, based upon your Town Hall level.
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