3000Ton-6000Ton Soya Bean Storage Steel Silo

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Product Description:

3000Ton-6000Ton Soya Bean Storage Steel Silo


Main Structure

1.Soya bean storage steel silo
2.Galvanized grain silo
3.Assembly bolted silo
4.Easy to install and maintain

3000Ton Soya Bean Storage Steel Silo :


Silo Specification:

Model  : TCK17414

Diameter : 17.426m

Layer : 14

Volume : 4074m3

Capacity : 3136t

Eave height : 15.735m

Total height :  19.780m 



Brief introduction :


We could design, calculate, install and maintain grain steel silos according to your different needs.

We could manufacture various kinds of silos, such as flat bottom steel silo and hopper bottom steel silo, the diameter ranging from 1.8 to 30m, capacities from 5 to 12000 tons per storage bin.


In addition, we could offer our clients material handling system, such as, drying system, cleaning system, bucket elevators, drag conveyors and belt conveyors. One source for all your grain storage, drying, packing, and material handling needs.


Life circle of products can come up to 20-50 years. Our products are completely comply with the national standards "The Grain Codes of Silo Design" and have reached the advanced national levels in performance.


Our products have been exported to Argentina, Australia, America, China, Ethiopia, Honduras, Iran, India, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Pakistan, South Africa, Sudan, Serbia, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, etc.


3000Ton Soya Bean Storage Steel Silo Features  :

•A world leader in steel corrugated storage bin supplying, TSE offers the strongest and heaviest storage silos in the industry with capacities exceeding 15,000 MT. Our silo sidewall is roll-formed using high quality galvanized steel sheets; Prime high tensile steel up to 450 MPa. Thicker sidewall steel sheet allows us to provide larger silos with our designs.


•The silo roof and body is made of corrugated galvanizing steel sheets,the galvanizing mass is 275g/m2 as standard design, according to some customers special request, 350g/m2 and 400g/m2 are options for their needs;

•Silo is anti-seismic.



Advantages Of Steel Silo :

1. Lower basic cost with lightweight, low request for foundation, low consumption of steel.

2. High degree of standardization. We can produce the standard components which can be installed on-the-spot.

3. Simple, easy and efficient to install within a short amount of time due to superior component design which are connected by standard bolts.

4. Easy to understand . The bolted silo is equipped with relevant accessories, such as: conveyor, ventilation, drying and monitoring devices, etc. to ensure the quality and safety of the material stored in the silo.

5. Easy to maintain. As the parts of the silo are connected by standard bolts, so it is easy to remove or repair it.

6. Low cost and long tenure of use. The cost of bolted silo is just 35%-50% of the cement silo with the same specification; and its life span can reach 30 years.








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Q:A silo(base not included) is to be constructed in the form of a cylinder surrounded by a hemisphere?
I assume that by surrounded you mean capped. In that case, let r be both the radius of the cylinder and of the sphere and h be the height of the cylinder. The surface area of the cylinder is 2pirh and of the sphere is 1/2(4pir^2) = 2pir^2. V = pi(r^2)h + 1/2(4/3pir^3). 4000 = pi(r^2)h + 1/3pir^3. h = [4000 - 1/3pir^3]/pir^2. Let C = total cost and c = square foot cost of the cylinder. C = c(2pirh) + 3c(2pir^2). Now replace h with its r expression and minimize dS/dr
Q:looking for the name of movie about nixon while president took over a missle silo in kansas aimed at russia?
The movie is :The Soldier: starring Ken Wahl, Jan 01 1982, MGM
Q:what is in old missile silos?
in the 60's none were destroyed, only stripped and salvaged.and it REALLY depends on the Salvager- the military took what they could re-use, and what was sensitive, then hired Salvagers to remove whatever they could- i have seen pictures of different bases, and there is no rhyme or reason to what was stripped out- from totally gutted concrete structures, to different pumps and motors, even a couple with the Missile cribs still partially in place also- the military did NOT decontaminate these places until relatively recently- the titan I and Atlas bases abandoned in the 60's werent cleaned up until the 1990's and later! the Elizabeth Base is a Titan I 3 launchers, 2 antenna silos, a 100' control dome, a 120' power house, these were MASSIVE underground sites! sad thing about Elizabeth site is Elbert county let a Scrapper begin to destroy it- from the pics i see, i would bet at LEAST the tunnel way and tunnel junction at the Antenna Silos are destroyed or severely damaged- Rebar and VERY thick steel was shown sitting in a pile after the scrapper was Evicted after Abandonment, there is NO power in these- unless someone is doing restoration work, they are dark, usually wet, sometimes (as in Lincoln,Ca) totally full of water- missing floor panels, doors, safety rails, ETC make them VERY dangerous to explore- imagine walking through a door, and there is a 100' drop, no railing, no light, only a Deadly drop to standing water or scrap metal, or both the Titan II SILOS were destroyed, and the entry ways de-capped and buried,but the Command center werent bothered with- some people have dug them up, finding lots of equipment still in them- nothing sensitive, but not stripped clean either!
Q:Need help finding the diameter of a silo?
So the cone height is 4 feet = 10 feet over all - cylinder height cone volume = (pi/3)*(radius)^2* 4feet height cylinder volume = pi*(radius)^2 * 6 feet height 144 cu ft = sum of above, solve for radius, i get radius = sqrt[144/pi * (3/22)] the diameter is twice the radius. Please check any errors I may have made.
Q:Every State Has/Had Nuclear Missile Silos?
No, not every state has had silos. Nearly all are in the central US. Far away from any attacker. SD, ND, WY, MT, KS are the most common locations,
Q:A dog is on a 20 ft leash which is attached to a silo with radius 10 ft. What area can the dog roam?
So this quesiton is tough because you need to factor in how the silo blocks the dog's access to certain areas, noting that the leash can't go through the silo but has to go around. Because of this, all previous answers (as of 4:07 EST) are wrong. Note that the furthest along the length of the silo that the dog can reach is when the leash is taut against the silo, which is precisely (20ft)/(10ft) = 2 radians along the edge in either direction. We may construct a semicircle in which the leash is pulled completely away from the building, which has an area of: A = (π*20^2)/2 = 200π Calculating the rest of the area requires some calculus: Now take the point where the leash is attached to be the top of our circular silo. Say that the leash is stretched taut against the wall, covering an angle equal to q (in radians). Then the length of the rope that is stretched against the wall is simply 10q. Now, we can state that the leash can be stretched tangentially from the last point that the leash is taut, to a length of (20 - 10q). Well this problem is more difficult than I anticipated, so I am going to take an intuitive leap. The boundaries of an area equivalent to the two which I am trying to find should be given by q = 0 r = 10 + 20 - 10q = 30 - 10q r = 10 in order to find the area of such a region, take the following integral: A = (1/2) (0...2)∫[(30 - 10q)^2 - 10^2]dq of course, there are two such areas on each side, so the total area should be: A = (0...2)∫[(30 - 10q)^2 - 10^2]dq the integral itself is not difficult, and evaluating it you find A = 2000/3 Thus, the TOTAL area in which the dog can roam should be given by: A = 200π + 2000/3 which is about 1295 square ft Anyway, there's an answer, I hope it's the right one. I invite anyone to refute my solution, or provide a more lucid line of reasoning to arrive at the same one. In the mean time, I'll double check my work.
Q:Silos for sale?
They are all long gone. My buddy got one, uses it to grow mushrooms.
Q:Who can I calculate the number of moles in an atom? ?
Well, there are 6.022*10^23 atoms in a mole, so there are 1/(6.022*10^23) moles in an atom.
Q:Measuring astronomical objects?
Assuming the sun is an infinite distance away, (so that it's rays are hitting the planet are all parallel - yes, I know this is impossible), the difference between you and the silo is 36 degrees - that's 1/10 of a circle of 360 degrees. So the circumference of the planet is 10,000 miles. To find the diameter, divide 10,000 by Pi and you get 3,183 miles. Since the radius is 1/2 of the diameter, the radius would be 3183 / 2 or 1,591 miles.
Q:what is this song on this video?
el capitan - silo song

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