Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System

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Product Description:

grain storage steel bins from 5000ton-15000tons


Quick Information

 Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System 
1. over 20 years life 
2. 275g/m2 gal. steel 
3. 2.0-4.0mm silo wall

Lipp Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System


                                               Silos Elevation



Lipp Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System



Silos Layout



Applicable Fields:

Grain, rice, corn, soy bean, rape seed, wheat, etc.



Diameter: 3.5 - 27 m

Height:  5 - 23 m

Thickness: 2.0 - 4.0 mm

Capacity: 100 - 7000 ton per silo

Material: galvanized steel

(Galvanized rate ≥ 275g/m2)





Roof System

Roof Sheet

δ1.0mm,   galvanized steel sheet

Lipp Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System


Section steel

Roof platform

Ø1.5-3.0m, Checkered steel plate

Upper tension ring

Ø1.5-3.0m, Carbon steel plate

Bottom tension ring

Ø3.0-38m, Carbon steel plate

Loading hole

δ4.0mm,    Carbon steel plate

Man hole

δ6.0mm,    Carbon steel plate

Vent hole

δ4.0mm,    Carbon steel plate

Guard rail

Ø3.0-38m, 1”(metric),   steel tube


Silo Body

Lipp Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System

Silo Wall

Galvanized steel

Gal. rate >= 275g/m2

  δ2.0 -  δ4.0mm


Inner Reinforcement

Lipp Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System

Reinforcement ribs

Steel section

 12pcs/silo - 84pcs/silo

[6.3, [8.0, [10, [12, [14, [16, [18, [20, 



Steel Structure

Lipp Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System

Conical bottom

δ6.0 -  δ14.0mm Q235 STEEL

Ring beam

δ6.0 -  δ14.0mm Q235 STEEL

Support leg

"H" Section steel 




* Moisture resistance

* Bolt free

* Rust resistance

* Low maintenance

* Long service life


 Detail Pictures

Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System

Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System

Silo Spiral Silo Grain Silo Storage System


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Q:Why were Cedar Rapids and Salem Cold War targets?
They had missle silos in Iowa Salem Mass was on the coast...all of the coastal cities were on alert due to their proximity to Boston and the Naval Bases there.
Q:what are missle silo's?
Guido's got it. A silo is an agricultural building, typically for storing grain. When concrete cylinders were built underground to protect missiles, it was natural to apply the name to the similar structures. The purpose of a missile silo is to protect the missile from attack. Big holes in the ground with very strong roofs are frequently built to protect things- they generally work well. The deeper the hole, the harder the roof, the more it can withstand. The original silos were intended to survive an attack by enemy missiles armed with nuclear warheads. Enough missiles in silos would survive to be able to destroy the attacker. In the arcane doublespeak of the cold war, the silos were hardened to withstand a first strike, so that the attacker would face a retaliatory second strike and nobody would benefit. Having hardened weapons to launch a second strike was the basis of the MAD doctrine- Mutually Assured Destruction. Each side knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they would suffer unimaginable destruction even if they launched a surprise attack on the others. As the accuracy of land-based missiles improved, it became possible to drop a warhead or two on every silo the other side had. No assured second strike. The solution in the USA was called the Strategic Triad - there were nuclear-armed missiles in silos, nuclear armed bombers that could get off the ground and head for an enemy's territory after an attack was launched but before it arrived, and submarines hidden in the ocean with slightly less accurate missiles that were unlikely to all be destroyed in any sneak attack. Any successful attack on one leg would give enough warning for the other two the make the second strike.
Q:Does anybody know what this is called? (it is farm related)?
You mean a silo? That they put green ensilage such as grass, soy or corn into? they originally were holes in the ground, like a root cellar, kept covered up to protect from frost, then they began using the wood above ground silos about 1890 (which allowed them to feed cows well enough to produce nearly as much milk in winter as summer), and invented machines to load and unload them after years of doing it the hard way. Then they developed concrete (only rich people had stone ones) silos, then the blue Harvestore type, and eventually they have gone to the long white bags and now full circle back to bunkers in the ground. There are also grain silos, usually galvanized corrugated metal construction, more often associated with grain production or poultry feeding.
Q:my dog drank some mazola corn oil, she threw up about 3 times and seems a little down, will she okay?
If this was my dog i think i would still call a vet just to be safe
Q:how do I get storage silos on a game called backyard monsters?
Click on Buildings in the lower right; they are on the Resources page. The number of silos you can have is limited, based upon your Town Hall level.
Q:where are usa nuclear weapons?
On ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) in underground silos out west and on board submarines. At Air Force bases. On Navy surface ships (never confirmed as a matter of policy). Old ones are probably sitting in warehouses.
Q:i need a job that doesn't require a lot of moving around. anybody know of one in abingdon virginia?
Mattress tester.
Q:To what extent do organizational processes (levers) operate parallel with each other?
It works better if one of the lever has the ability to advise the other as to how to function at a higher premiums. If that lever has the right to implement it's suggestions, the the other lever will most likely rebel as an invasion of their territory. Change does not come easy for those in control. However, the secondary lever should vote to whether to accept or reject suggestions of improvement.. If rejections is continuous, then the corporations will ultimately fail as it's immovable and unwilling to be elastic enough to go with the corporation's changing dynamics.
Q:Can alcohol be produced naturally with no tampering by mankind?
Farmers put hay in silos and when it comes out it is soaked with alcohol. Put some fruit in a warm place and pretty soon you have booze. Berries are especially good for this. Make some sourdough starter with flour and water. You don't have to add yeast. It takes a week or so, and you have alcohol.
Q:Why does silage not rot, decompose or otherwise spoil in a silo?
The absence of air prevents the decomposing organisms such as bacteria from growing in silos.

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