Transportable Silo for Poultry Feed Bins Small Silo

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Transportable Silo for Poultry Feed Bins Small Silo

Main Structure of Poultry Feed Bins


30-15000m3 transportable silo


Dimension(L*W*H)As Per Size of transportable silo
WeightAs Per Size of transportable silo
Place of OriginChina
Specification for Poultry Feed Bins


China Leading,Germany
Galvanized Coating275-600g/m2
Bottom Type:Flat or Hopper Type


 Perfect Gas-tightness
Auxillary SystemDrying,Cleaning,Dedusting,Lifting and Conveying
Monitoring System Temperature and Moisture Supervision SIMENS PLC
Installation and DebuggingEngineers Sevice Overseas for transportable silo

Silo Life: 

25-40 Years
Usage transportable silo
Datas for Poultry Feed Bins

Bottom shape

Hopper Type

Flat Bottom Type




Design view


Heavy structural “wide-flanged” columns

Columns designed “X” bracing

Pressure bearing is higher than the national standard, and safe enough.


Can be built by concrete or steel based on your requirement and actual demand.

Silo Discharge 

Hopper is with Rigorous Full Load Safety Calculation. SRON has 0 Silo Hopper Accidents and 0 Silo Accidents

Can be made by concrete or steel

There will be one or more discharge holes on the bottom based on different materials and capacity.


Normally no need sweeper for hopper bottom silo except for high viscidity materials

Clean up residual easier


Transportable Silo for Poultry Feed Bins Small Silo

Transportable Silo for Poultry Feed Bins Small Silo

Transportable Silo for Poultry Feed Bins Small Silo

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