galvanized farm/chicken house/ poultry silo

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Product Description:

1.Advantage of  galvanized farm/ chicken house/ poultry silo:


1).Below body thickenss is 1.2mm zinc coating with stronger quality. During joint, galvanized sheet covered to reinforce silo shape. 

2). View part  installed to see the feed level easily.

3). Pulling style of top cover cap is  diagonal pulling instead of reverse the cap. In case of turn over the top cap.

4). Galvanized material keep long service time, and corrugated shape let feed convey smoothly.

5).Compare with glass fiber silo, galvanized material is enviroment friendly.   



2.  Galvanized farm/ chicken house/ poultry silo different model capacity and details:



40 degree roof
Top opener cap
Water guard



1.8m diameter
Model NO.TonsCubic meterMeter(Height)


2.75m diameter
Model NO.TonsCubic meterMeter(Height)


3.05m diameter
Model NO.TonsCubic meterMeter(Height)



3.6m diameter
Model NO.TonsCubic meterMeter(Height)


3.  Galvanized farm/ chicken house/ poultry silo - coneying system of silo


a.auger 75mm

b.auger 90mm

c.auger 125mm


       1.silo   2.silo boot  3.pan feeding 4.feed sensor 5.motor





4.  Galvanized farm/ chicken house/ poultry silo - used in chicken house


a. well used and automatically used for broiler/breeder feeding

b. for chicken feed storage

c. different capacity from 2.5tons to 25tons

d. one silo could supply 2 chicken house

e. 2 silos could supply one chicken house

f. one way/ two way/ three way boot for silo to meet different requirement








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