Great bargain used soybean storage farm silos

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100 m³
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100000 m³/month

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1. Manufacture Steel Silos.

2. Turnkey Silo Project Design.

3. Silo Installation.  

4. Overseas After-sales Service.

<Overseas Branch Offices>

1. Bangladesh Pa-127/1, South Badda, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

2. South Africa:  Sasolburg, South Africa

3. Mongolia:  Ugluu town 127/5 13nd Khoroo, Bayanzurkh District Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

4. Malaysia:   22,Jalan Molek, 3/13,Taman Molek Johor Bahru Johor


Characteristic of assembly type steel silo


  • Wide application 

  • Large capacity

  • Less investment

  • Automation



Product Description


Silo Structure


Accessoy Equipments of Grain Silos


Pre-cleaning(to clean grain before grain coming to silo)



 Silo roof conveyor(for handling grain on silo roof)




Blower(silo ventilation for keeping grain in good)




Our Services




We can supply installation service according to your requirements, or give you the technical support!



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Q:why do people put chicken wire around the top of silos?
to prevent static
Q:Any great haunted houses close to St.Louis, Missouri? (besides silo X and the Darkness..been there done that)?
contact a civic group. they will have all the names. However...... The best ones will be in the country where city code and law can't mess with them. I'm close to St.Louis. They got it all ;)P Good Luck. Have fun. .
Q:how much would its cost to buy a luxery condo bomb shelter for 2012 without any goverment connections?
They Start at a Million, Silos116!538:538 go (straight) up- from There. -If you're lucky, the Owner will throw in the Missile- for free ! ;)
Q:Can you weight a truck with its engine running?
The weight of the truck is not effected by the engine running. If it did you can rest assured that there would be demands by the owners that engines be (on/off) while being weighed. It wouldn't be left to the discretion of the operators.
Q:Any idea on how much it would cost to turn a grain silo into a home?
if the silo is brick you can work with that .... the conversion can cost anywhere from 22,000.00 to about $35,000.00 just depends on how fancy or basic you want to go ............
Q:which of the following have you seen???
End of the rainbow and unfortunately,there was no pot of gold.Maybe it was the wrong end. Bananas on a tree too.
Q:Linear Algebra?
buy a graphing calculator works for me all the time recommend a Ti89 or the advanced Ti91 they are great just plug ecerything in and presto! the answer in readable terms
Q:how i will calculate cement silo volume?
if its a cylinder shape easy V = A *h for a cylinder A = cross section area and h = height V = pi^r^2*h thats the formula good luck
Q:Its a science question I need help?
You have to see if volumes match. Pile volume == volume of grain = 50x2 = 100m3 Silo volume = 15x3 = 75 m3 The grain won't fit in the silo; outside you would be left 25m3 of grain.
Q:What is this poem about? Not for a class?
It doesn't matter if it's for a class or not, it's whether it's a question. Asking for someone to do their homework so they can plagiarize isn't a question. and this category is rife with that.. Silos are where grain or missiles are stored. Assuming it's about missiles because of words like frantic, eyes popping out and screeches, it might be talking about a nuclear war. A silo moves and launches a missile, millions of eyes or radar go searching for it, frantic sets in and circles the planet that is basically impoverished where the people only throw rocks to defend themselves, as in Palestine against the Jews. 2nd stanza, after the nukes go off, radiation begins to bloat people and the first to pop out is an eye, and the person screeches in pain that tells the others of the state he's in. Frantically, people choose an eye of theirs that's left to leave. But they, the planet, would have never picked peace. But this poem is entitled Health and must be about a silo of grain.

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