Good sealing oil silo,wine steel silo for sale

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Product Description:


Good sealing oil silo,wine steel silo
1.Our oil silo has high strength,good sealing,Long life,etc



Good sealing oil silo,wine steel silo

Features of oil Silo:

1. High strength: The oil silo wall is reinforced by vertical stiffener and occluded by screw beam. It has great strength and good resistance to wind, earthquake and snow.

2. Good sealing function: Crimping and seaming of five-layer spiral steel plates ensures airproof, so our oil silo can be used to store construction materials such as cement, gypsum, fly ash and slag, as well as liquids.

3. Small area occupancy: The smallest distance between oil silos amounts to 600mm.

4. Short construction cycle: High-level automatic construction at site, Need only 5-6 days for a 1,000 tons oil silo.

5. Long working life: 25-30 years, achieved by best combination of plates of different thickness for oil silo body.

6. Nice appearance: The roof is subulate and is not easy to accumulate dust or water. The bin is shining and observable with silvery lines.


Good sealing oil silo,wine steel silo



Good sealing oil silo,wine steel silo



Advantages of FDSP Oil Silo:


1. We have an excellent team with more than 20 years’ experience in silo construction.

2. As one of the largest silo manufacturing company, we have introduced over 20 sets of processing units, and production capacity reaches 1 million tons per year.

3. FDSP provides a turn-key project from consultation, design, civil work, production, sales to service.

4. Hot galvanized steel plates are used for silo body, and galvanized steel is also used for silo roof batten, hood, handrail, hole for temperature-measurement, manhole and ladder to ensure long service life.

Detail pictures of oil silo:



Good sealing oil silo,wine steel silo

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