Raw Grain Silo Long Term Storage High Strength Steel Silos

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Raw Grain Silo Long Term Storage High Strength Steel Silos


 Quick Information

1 Diameter 24m, height 41m 
2 Heat insulation grain steel silos at Tianjin Port 
3 Fast installation, low cost and less manpower





Clear silo discharging

By adopting silo vibrating discharging equipments, to solve the discharging problem of large flat bottom silo. At the same time, our discharging solution solves arch, bridging problems of soybean meal, vegetable seed meal, rice husk and other materials, and discharging problems caused by soybean harden. The energy consumption of our discharging equipments is 50% lower than that of the sweep auger of the same output. The silo basic cost is 40% lower than that of the cone bottom silo of the same diameter.




Excellent heat insulation effect

By adopting coldbridge-free heat insulation technology, the thermal conductive area of our 10,000-ton silo is only 0.18m2, which is 2% of that of the heat insulation silo of other enterprises.



Our silo elements are manufactured through professional production line. The standard is high and the quality is stable. The elements are optimizing designed to strengthen the safety of silo. The element material are all high strength hot galvanized with galvanized quantity 275g/m2 to ensure the long service life of silo.



Raw Grain Silo Long Term Storage High Strength Steel Silos

Raw Grain Silo Long Term Storage High Strength Steel Silos

Raw Grain Silo Long Term Storage High Strength Steel Silos


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