Clinker Silo Cement Plant, Coal Silo, Coal Ash Silo, Mine Ash Silo

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Clinker Silo Cement Plant, Coal Silo, Coal Ash Silo, Mine Ash Silo


Main Features for Clinker Silo

ItemParameters & Specifications
Stored MaterialsDiesel, Petrol, Ethanol Gasoline and other chemicals
Designed PressureNormal Pressure
Designed Temperature-40-200 degrees
If for underground type tankThe Underground Depth must be at least 0.5m
CapacityAs Per the requirement of the buyer
Filling Ratio0.9
Corrossion Allowance1mm
MaterialsQ235-B 20R
Tank BodyDouble Wall
Weldingby ARC Welding
Welding TestJB/T4730.2, RT test length 10%
Derustingby sandblast grade Sa2.5
Paint QualityDeluxe anti-corrossion coal tar epoxy paint
Painting StructureCoat Paint-Surface Paint-Glass Fabric-Surface Paint-Glass Fabric. The total of two times surface painting should be at least 0.6mm thickness
Test Pressure0.1MPa
Test Pass Byby 3000V electrical spark
Standard Configurationsinlet oil mouth, outlet oil mouth, areation mouth, gauge hole,  level hole, man hole


Datas for Diesel Oil Storage Tank

  • Dimension(L*W*H): Customized

  • Weight: Customized

  • Certification: ISO CE IAF CNS

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Safety: All Around Safety
  • Type: Vertical or Horizontal Diesel Fuel Storage Tank

  • Materials: Q235-B or 20R

  • Thickness: Double Wall

  • Anti-corrossion: With this Treatment

  • Stored Materials: Diesel, Petrol, Ethanol Gasoline and other chemicals

  • Customized Design: Available


Main Characteristics of Diesel Oil Storage Tank

1-    One of the Earliest Integral Solution Provider of Silo Storage System and Chemical Storage Tanks 

2-    With the Most Reliable Project Design Technology Team

3-    We Work All Efforts Out to Guarantee the All-round Safety of Your Project.

4-    We Have the Biggest Cost Advantage and Supervision of Raw Materials Quality as We are Located at the   Galvanized Steel Production Base.

5-    With all over 3000 units silo projects and countless tanks under good operation till now

Safety tips 

 1- low down temperature and reduce temperature difference
2- no contact with metals of copper etc
3- sealing storage, reduce to contact air 
4- no allowing mixture with water and other impurities
5- routinely check the tank bottom details, the oil quality and clean the tank
6- with thorough and good lightning-protection, anti-static and other fire protection methods



Clinker Silo Cement Plant, Coal Silo, Coal Ash Silo, Mine Ash Silo

Clinker Silo Cement Plant, Coal Silo, Coal Ash Silo, Mine Ash Silo

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